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Perched on the banks of the south shore of Lake Erie, the town of Erie was named after the Native American "Erie" people who lived in the area until the mid-17th Century, as well as for the lake. The 4th largest city in Pennsylvania, it has a population of about 98,593 souls meandering its streets, sitting in cafes and hanging out in coworking venues in collaborative mode. Located halfway between the cities of Buffalo (New York) and Cleveland (Ohio), it's due north of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. Its local economy is predominantly based on health care, technology, tourism, higher education and services industries. Tourism is also a factor as more than 4 million people descend onto the town during the summer months to play in the Presque Isle State Park where there are beaches and trails. Known as a "Flagship City", it has been called "Gem City" due to its sparkling lake.

Erie may not be a tech hub, but it sits in the state of Pennsylvania that has a dynamic tech scene happening, especially amongst the G2 Crowd, much more so than Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. Emerging startups are flourishing with meetups and conferences happening around the state. There may not be the flash meeting rooms as yet, but Pennsylvania is getting there with its cutting edge ideas. The state is flush with brainpower and everyone is willing to collaborate.

Coworking spaces are creating communities where cross-pollination of ideas take hold amidst its passionate and creative locals that have been attracted to its tech scene with a unique history of entrepreneurship. Home to some of the best universities (top 100 universities within 1 150-mile radius), there is a wealth of intellect hanging around creating a well-educated and workforce-ready millennial population. With its inexpensive living, Pennsylvania is the perfect place to start up a business.