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About Panjim

Panjim's vibrant streets, lined with colourful villas, red-tiled roofs and wrought-iron balconies, are so reminiscent of an old Portuguese fishing village, that it is almost easy to forget you are in India. This laid-back beach town has been standard fare over the years as a tourist destination, and is fast growing in popularity as a location for young professionals to settle down and escape the fast pace of an urban lifestyle.

With a number of beaches in close proximity, an enviable waterfront, and a lively, bustling town center, the city has its share of natural beauty as well as modern amenities, making it a place where work-life balance is easy to achieve.

Goans are known for their love of good food, music, and celebration, and the city more than does justice to this reputation. Grab a seat at one of the riverside restaurants, ask your server for the freshest catch of the day, and enjoy it with a chilled glass of feni, the local drink which is adored and abhorred in equal measures by those who try it.

While Panjim's laid-back vibe is what gives it its appeal, this can also be deceptive when it comes to the city as a starting choice for young professionals to launch their careers or businesses. However, local entrepreneurs are launching initiatives such as networking events, community events, and more, in order to foster business interest in the region.

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