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Why join a coworking space?


The Productivity Boost

There's something magical about being around smart, ambitious people, all working under the same roof. Add in super fast WiFi speeds & great amenities, and watch your productivity soar.


The people you'll meet

The friendships & connections formed inside coworking spaces can lead to new clients, partners or even investors that will help you take your business to the next level.


The Flexibility

Not sure how big your team will be 3 months from now? No worries! Unlike traditional office leases, coworking spaces don't lock you into long term fixed contracts.

Ways to Connect

  • Send a Message Ask a question about meeting rooms, event space, amenities or anything else.
  • Get a Day Pass / Free Day Pass Try working from a coworking space for a day to see if it's the right fit for you.
  • Book a Tour Don't drop in unannounced! Schedule a tour so they're expecting you when you arrive.
  • Membership Request Think you've found the right space and want to join? Send a Membership Request.
  • Availability / Reservation Request As close as you can get to instant bookings: select the membership type, start date & duration you want then send an Availability Request.
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Voices of Members around the world Hear what over 12,000 members think with reviews & tips for
coworking spaces in 164 countries.

LyLy Truong


"A Business Eco-System for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses "

Gerhard Ergott


"Good place to work in. People are very helpful! "

Vicki Offland

the Hive Thao Dien

"Fantastic Community!"

Jessie Huang

the Hive Sheung Wan

"Highly recommendable!"

Incuspaze Social


"Amazing Space to be in!"

Stefanos Ioannou


"By far the best co-working place in Paphos and an AMAZING communi..."

Angela Heyer

the Hive (Wan Chai)

"Great service and lovely terrace! "


MAKE Cowork

"Buen ambiente para equipos"


Workings Escazu

"Comfortable y moderno"

Zenaida Castillo

Writers Room Inc

"Good budget coworking."

Piret Saag


"Crème de la Crème of Tartu coworking spaces"

David Barboza

Workings Escazu

"Buena ubicación y ambiente"



"An awesome place "

Dexter Kwok

the Hive Carpenter

"The hive coffee and events"

Khê Vân

Surf Space - Danang Coworking Space

"Được sự giới thiệu của bạn bè ở Đà Nẵng, đ..."

Esther Lee

the Hive Carpenter

"Great place, great people!"

Daryl Tong

the Hive Sheung Wan

"Great Co-Working and Community!"


the Hive Sheung Wan

"Great vibe and loads of activities"

Afiq Malik

the Hive Carpenter

"Great place + great staff = Awesome!"

Tijmen Smit

Hub Hoi An

"Lovely place to spend a few month with an awesome community."

Jason Lau

the Hive Prakanong

"Brilliant co-working space located strategically with great vibes..."

Phoebus Khoo

the Hive Carpenter

"Amazing and awesome experience!"


the Hive Villa

"Hive-five for the Hive"

Arella Ho

the Hive Carpenter

"Nice coworking space in the cbd! "

Sylvain Taillard

the Hive Sheung Wan

"Love at first sight"

Margaret Yeung

the Hive Sheung Wan

"One of Hong Kong's best co-work spaces, highly recommended."

Siska Atanasova

the Hive Villa

"The best place to work"

Boris Todorov

the Hive Villa

"The Hive villa experience"

Chawmalin Smith

the Hive Villa

"Very unique coworking space!"

Kalo Petrov

the Hive Villa

"Best Work-Life Balance in 1 Place!"

Tania Wong

the Hive (Wan Chai)

"Gem in this big city"

Ziq Eatfirst

the Hive Carpenter

"Awesome working experience."


Hub Hoi An

"Wonderful, welcoming community of highly motivated people"

Vadim Reutsky


""Family house" coworking"

Vadim Reutsky

Common Room Nakatsu

"Cosy coworking for effective work session."

Faye Lz

WeThrive Coworking Space

"Awesome place for start-ups and students!"

Mike Sipple Jr.


"Great executive coworking community and perf3ct meeting spaces fo..."

Ana Muñoz Dlt

Panal Coworking

"El mejor coworking de Sambo"

Fer Soaje

Workings Escazu

"Confortable & Cool place to work! "

Andres Carreño

Workings Escazu

"Best office space in Costa Rica"

Valeria Ronderos

Owlo Space

"Wonderful place to work "

Alok Singh

Work Studio Coworking

"Where Businesses grow together"

lucy nielson

Draft Board

"Nice place, good value and no problems."

Fabien Clary

Draft Board

"Simply perfect"

Rickcon Radrew

Draft Board

"Nice Co-working Space"

Shalaka Muley

Qabila Cowork


jessica jong

Draft Board

"Very cool place for working!!"

William Lynch

Draft Board

"Good price and very good location"

Ann Godblet

The Urban Office

"The best time at the best working space in Bangkok!"

Eugene Shimaev


"Very cool and quiet place with amazing sea/island view!"

Andreas Schmitz

NETWORKING: Premium Coworking Spaces

"Great place for working and socialising"

Mark Brooks


"Serenity with all the amenities"

Chris Reynolds

Coworking Bansko

"These guys know how to build a coworking space and build a commun..."


Coworking Bansko

"Extremely disrespectful owner."

Deborah Seymus


"Still miss this office and it’s great co-workers!"

Amr Naguib


"Great Experience at Mentors'"

David Maluke


"A true Pioneer "

Jaanus Rõõmus


"Attention to details is what it makes Mobispace really shine"

Veiko Raime


"Second home for our team"

Shawn Dexter

Cohive Sunrise Artotel

"Just what I was looking for......."

Dürdane Kuru

Ugather Cowork

"Perfect co-working place!!!"

Bradley Cajuste

Ivy Laureles Cowork 24/7 & Wellness Center

"Top Co Working space in Medellin"

Philip Bruland

Melting Pot

"Flexible, Creative Space"

Luana Flores


"Well, for a couple of hours probably the best solution in the cit..."

Georgia Ring

Office 21

"Exceeded my expectations! Will be back!"

Franci Pečnik

Pristop Šoštanj

"Historic coworking space!"

Laura Babb

Melting Pot

"Brilliantly located space with great people and an excellent vibe"


Ugather Cowork


Olena Tomchuk

GoWork Chubb Square

"Coworking in Jakarta's business heart"

Melton Thomas

Ivy Laureles Cowork 24/7 & Wellness Center

"⭐️ Wellness makes my work better ⭐️"

Julian Godenir

CirCO Nguyen Trai

"Very nice and quiet place"

Janne Wellens

Trashure Studio

"Beautiful and calming space with a unique view over the water."

Domas Urniežius


"Best coworking in Kaunas so far"

Yogesh Jora

Publik Office

"Awesome place to work"


Mark Calthers Co-working Space

"Mark Calthers Co-working Space"

Anna Savelyeva


"Best place on the island for comfortable work!"



"my favorite place for work and creativity ❤️ fast internet! d..."

Sergey Mihaylyuk


"Big thanks to the Genesis"

Jose Navarro

Panal Coworking

"Excelente lugar!"

Grace Jackson

Creative Works

"Great space"

Kaija Marie

Hub Hoi An

"Loved the place, loved the people"

Thomas Pearce

Creative Works

"6 person office"

Lin Yihan

SkyCo Coworking Space

"The right place to start your business"

Olena Tomchuk


"Quiet coworking and friendly staff"

Martin Fochler

Mantra Work Lounge

"Visual nice working place with hopefully more to come"

Stacy Pawelski


"Calm and quiet, better than working from a coffee shop."

Jess Brown

[email protected]

"Not a coworking space."

Jess Brown

Hub Bali Coworking Legian

"Coworking space in a hotel lobby with a pool used by hotel guests..."

Jess Brown

Finns Bali

"Use your trial pass for a full day of fun - office hours, water p..."

Edvinas Eimontas


"This Is The Best Co-Working Space Ever!"


BizNet CoWorking

"Great CoWorking space in Belgrade"

Niharika Sharma

Next57 Coworking

"Great workspace"

Anna-Léa Arcuri

House of Maria Amalia

"Friendly and family space ! "

Sergej Orlov


"Great place to boost your productivity."

Mrinal Doshi

Next57 Coworking

"No-frills, productive workplace."

Diệp Lê

Aruna Licogi 13

"Friendly Staff!"

Diệp Lê

Aruna IPH

"Great service!"

Eisha Zafar

Work Place

"Horrible customer service!! Be aware!!"

Siem van Dongen

Enouvo Space

"Not that amazing"

Jose Siso

Innova 109

"innova 109 "


We had a problem. We built Coworker to solve it.

We've been members of coworking spaces for years. And it annoyed us that every time we moved to a new city or country, it would take us at least 3 days to create a shortlist of coworking spaces that looked right for us.

After a frustrating experience trying to find a coworking space in Hong Kong which was solved by a friend's recommendation (thanks Celeste for telling us how great Garage Society is!) we began wondering why there wasn't a global platform for coworking space reviews.

So we built it.

Since launching in October 2015, Coworker has grown to become the world's largest platform to find & connect with coworking spaces in 164 countries, with thousands of member reviews collected.

Over 100,000 people now use Coworker each month to find a coworking space. All of us here on our (growing) team are excited to be part of this incredible industry and help people join the communities that will take their lives & businesses to the next level.

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