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Why join a coworking space?


The Productivity Boost

There's something magical about being around smart, ambitious people, all working under the same roof. Add in super fast WiFi speeds & great amenities, and watch your productivity soar.


The people you'll meet

The friendships & connections formed inside coworking spaces can lead to new clients, partners or even investors that will help you take your business to the next level.


The Flexibility

Not sure how big your team will be 3 months from now? No worries! Unlike traditional office leases, coworking spaces don't lock you into long term fixed contracts.

Ways to Connect

  • Send a Message Ask a question about meeting rooms, event space, amenities or anything else.
  • Get a Day Pass / Free Day Pass Try working from a coworking space for a day to see if it's the right fit for you.
  • Book a Tour Don't drop in unannounced! Schedule a tour so they're expecting you when you arrive.
  • Membership Request Think you've found the right space and want to join? Send a Membership Request.
  • Availability / Reservation Request As close as you can get to instant bookings: select the membership type, start date & duration you want then send an Availability Request.
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Voices of Members around the world Hear what over 10,000 members think with reviews & tips for
coworking spaces in 115 countries.


Zomrah Coworking Space

"Dedicated desk Experience "

Jes Bailey


"Does this place exist?"

KEnt Baguio

The Workbar Coworking Space

"Best place to do your online job or just want have some quite spa..."

Mohamad Hussein

Flux Coworking Space

"Amazing place for entrepreneurs and freelancers"

Lindsay Garin

Tribes Brussels European Quarter

"Inspiring Workplace & great coffee"

Rupin Mathur

Next57 Coworking

"Great place"

Sidney Meurs

Tribes The Hague Central Station

"Flex working"

Stephan Bal

Tribes Rotterdam Central Station

"Tribes Rotterdam Central Station "

Cristina Santos

Garagem Infinita

"A creative space right in the historic city center"

Jes Bailey

Impact Hub Istanbul

"Great place to work and friendly people"


Tribes Rotterdam Coolsingel

"Great place, great Location"


Tribes Eindhoven Airport

"Great locations to work "

Nat Freeman

Beta Bar

"Easy going"


Switch Coworking

"A great place to (net)work in a fast changing city!"

Mestrone Gregory

Switch Coworking

"Sharing, collaboration and networking smart space"

anne Dizon

The Workbar Coworking Space

"Superb Internet Connection and Nice Place"

Guy Edgard

Switch Coworking

"A place to work together"

Catherine Temesi

Factory Forty

"Marvellous place for the coworkers"

Miguel Andrés

Hunt Street Station

"Love this building"

Michel Stoelman

Tribes Rotterdam Coolsingel

"Great location"

MEna Rdz

Nstro.Lab Cowork

"Un COwork con mucho COrazón"

Marcus Kok



Trung Huynh

Artfolio - Coworking Cafe

"Very nice team and beatifule place"

Jb Abragan

The Workbar Coworking Space

"The Inrernet Speed is a Beast"


The Workbar Coworking Space

"Comfort and convenience in one functional place"

Ashley Brian


"NomadLife Rocks"

Katy Alvarez

Nstro.Lab Cowork

"El mejor Cowork"

María García

Nstro.Lab Cowork

"The best place to work!!!"

Agnes van Waaij

Tribes Rotterdam Blaak

"Beautyful monumental Co-working spot!"

Agnes van Waaij

Tribes Capelle a/d Ijssel

"Good spot!"


Tribes The Hague Central Station

"Warm place to work and nice space in the center of The Hague"

Maurits Kuiper

Tribes Amsterdam Schiphol

"A total 5*-experience"

Agnes van Waaij

Tribes Rotterdam Wilhelmina Tower

"Pretty Tower @Rotterdam"

Eduard Schaepman

Tribes Amsterdam Schiphol

"Nearest Inspiring Workplace near the Airport Scjiphol"

Melle Verhorst

Tribes Amsterdam Arena

"Next to the Amsterdam Arena, inspiring workplaces with a Northern..."

Casper Klap

Tribes Amsterdam South Axis SOM

"Warm, welcoming, inviting, inspiring"

Melle Verhorst

Tribes Amsterdam Amstel Station

"Well located, next to Amstel Station, good vibe with exciting peo..."

Casper Klap

Tribes Amsterdam South Axis Ito

"The best place to network"


Tribes Utrecht Central Station

"Inspiring and relaxing locatin"

Paul van Hezik

Tribes Rotterdam Blaak

"By far the coolest co-working space in Rotterdam!"

Jasper Bekkering

Tribes Rotterdam Coolsingel

"Great Inspiring Location "

Delphine Grassot

Factory Forty

"Home is where the heart is. "

Eduard Schaepman

Tribes Amsterdam Amstel Station

"Amazing place to get inspired"

Jon Schreyers

Coworking Bansko

"Coworking is everywhere :)"

Sarah Khoo


"Stress-Free Place!"

Amanda Yong


"Great Location and Awesome Community"

Zaireen Raihana


"Amazing Space to Work In"

Michaela Wong


"Office with a view! "

Chew Ming-Y


"Great Environment"

Nicole John


"Best office space in Penang "

Muyung Lim



Andrew Kin


"Co-working at it’s best"

Philip Aun


"Takeoff Time"

Kevin Morin

Hunt Street Station

"Neat spot in Detroit"

Aaron Lurie

Coworking Boca

"Coworking Boca is a must for your Small Business "

Samuel Thum


"Best coworking space "

David Hernandez


"Horrible Service"

Andrew Tan


"Five star"

Jenny Kellett

Coworking Bansko

"Awesome place to be"

Chiara Mininni

Sit 'N' Breakfast

"Amazing place"

Muhammed Aydogan

Tribes Utrecht Central Station

"Super-central location"

Inner City Ideas

Inner City Ideas Cartel

"Love Ideas Cartel. Offers everything from Office Space to meeting..."

Ashish Mahindra

SpaceJam Coworking Chandigarh

"Best CoWorking in Chandigarh"

Hitesh Arora

SpaceJam Coworking Chandigarh

"Offering very good services in terms of Internet, working space &..."

Prince Singla

SpaceJam Coworking Chandigarh

"Great place for work "

Abhi Maruvada


"Best in town and beyond ! "

Susan Signorile

Inner City Ideas Cartel

"A membership with access to boardroom facilities!"

Maria Sanchez


"Perfecto para trabajar tranquilamente"

Jamur Ketawa

tempatkita Coworking Space

"Membuat ide mengalir dengan lancar...."

Luis Gallegos


"Excelente lugar para trabajar"

L Verónica

Nstro.Lab Cowork

"Excelente lugar para trabajar!"

Ruqiya Saleh

Mint WorkLounge

"The only right choice of Office in Bangkok "

Chris Reynolds

Espaço C

"The Vila and Coworking Space are a Little Paradise in the Middle ..."

Richi Ohrtiz


"Cheap yet a nice place to work"

David Langley


"More productive than ever"

Val Entin


"The best place to work in Toulouse"

Nimbe Abrego

Nstro.Lab Cowork

"Love it!"

Sophie Bode

Tribes Utrecht Central Station

"Great workspace with a interior with a vision!"

Ratna Permata

tempatkita Coworking Space

"Coworking space yang oke banget"

Ulan Abdurazakov


"Not only coworking, but a great community."

Eduard Schaepman

Tribes Amsterdam South Axis SOM

"5 Start"

Adam Frank


"Very clean, good A/C, good wifi."

Daniel Sharp

the Hive Thonglor

"The Hive Does It Again"

Agni Pradharma

tempatkita Coworking Space

"Cozy Coworking Space, Fast and Reliable Internet Connection"

Trisna Lindiana

tempatkita Coworking Space

"cozy place with all of networking support as you need"

Dewa Cakrabuana

tempatkita Coworking Space

"Sweet escape at Bali's Heart"

Alex Martinez

Piloto 151 Old San Juan

"Great investment "

Dakini Alexandra

Espaço 3D

"Amazing space"

Ari Ryu

The Company Cebu

"Cost effective, Safe & Secure, Vibrant environment, High Quality ..."


The Company Cebu

"Skillsharing + Great Ambiance"

Jan Mwesigwa


"Great place to make stuff"

Andrea Antal


"Friendly, cosy"

Schuyler Vorster

Cartel House

"Meet | Eat | Work | Play"

Daniel Sharp

the Hive Prakanong

"The Hive Does It Again"

Alexander Wright

LINK Cowork & Business

"Cool Beach Vibe"

Alexander Wright

The Company Cebu

"Seriously Fast Internet & Amazing Vibe Co-working Space"

Martina Pahr

Hub Hoi An

"all you need and then some ..."


The Company Cebu



The Company Cebu


Kai Tomboc

The Company Cebu

"Get stuff done, host a kick-ass event, and meet new friends at th..."


We had a problem. We built Coworker to solve it.

We've been members of coworking spaces for years. And it annoyed us that every time we moved to a new city or country, it would take us at least 3 days to create a shortlist of coworking spaces that looked right for us.

After a frustrating experience trying to find a coworking space in Hong Kong which was solved by a friend's recommendation (thanks Celeste for telling us how great Garage Society is!) we began wondering why there wasn't a global platform for coworking space reviews.

So we built it.

Since launching in October 2015, Coworker has grown to become the world's largest platform to find & connect with coworking spaces in 115 countries, with thousands of member reviews collected.

Over 60,000 people now use Coworker each month to find a coworking space. All of us here on our (growing) team are pumped to be part of this incredibly exciting industry and help people join the communities that will take their lives & businesses to the next level.

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