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Why join a coworking space?


The Productivity Boost

There's something magical about being around smart, ambitious people, all working under the same roof. Add in super fast WiFi speeds & great amenities, and watch your productivity soar.


The people you'll meet

The friendships & connections formed inside coworking spaces can lead to new clients, partners or even investors that will help you take your business to the next level.


The Flexibility

Not sure how big your team will be 3 months from now? No worries! Unlike traditional office leases, coworking spaces don't lock you into long term fixed contracts.

Ways to Connect

  • Send a Message Ask a question about meeting rooms, event space, amenities or anything else.
  • Get a Day Pass / Free Day Pass Try working from a coworking space for a day to see if it's the right fit for you.
  • Book a Tour Don't drop in unannounced! Schedule a tour so they're expecting you when you arrive.
  • Membership Request Think you've found the right space and want to join? Send a Membership Request.
  • Availability / Reservation Request As close as you can get to instant bookings: select the membership type, start date & duration you want then send an Availability Request.
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Voices of Members around the world Hear what over 12,000 members think with reviews & tips for
coworking spaces in 159 countries.

Dhananjay Parkhe

BRIC (Blue Rose Incubation Center)

"Excellent works class facilities at affordable and economic price..."

Vishwanath A

BRIC (Blue Rose Incubation Center)

"Well organised and structured Work space. Great value for money. ..."

AV Madhusudhan

BRIC (Blue Rose Incubation Center)

"Affordable and most caring coworking space in Bangalore especiall..."

Erik Selby

The Projects

"Welcome to the best working space in Brighton. "

Kiara Bantalouka

The Design Quarter

"Great spot in the heart of the city "

Rebekah few

The Projects

"Saved My Freelance Life"

YongHee Jang


"visited in wor.kafe. "

Tuấn Nguyễn


"Amazing Coffee Shop"

Caroline Do


"Highly recommended"

Pei Yee Kwong

Iskandar Space

"Amazing space for work"

Ernestas Romeika


"A nice and cozy place to work from"

Sahil Hinukley

Yooco Red

"Trendy environment "

Renato Zúñiga

Partage Coworking

"Reseña Partage Coworking"

Dan Lemp

Ivy Laureles Cowork 24/7 & Wellness Center

"Perfect Coworking Spot in Laureles"

Luis Casillas


"Where cowork happens "

Bart Kögeler

Ivy Laureles Cowork 24/7 & Wellness Center

"Best Wi-Fi, facilities and general working environment"

Mac Vhustle

MaGIC Co-Working Space

"Value for Money Coworking Space"

Kalina Juzwiak


"a place where inspiration meets productivity "

Anne Murray


"Good energy, Great community @WeSpace"

Jack O'Sullivan


"Nice modern, bright and central working space."

Laura Säuberli


"Beautiful, great location!"

Omar Best

Ivy Laureles Cowork 24/7 & Wellness Center

"24/7 Access --- For Night Owls "



"Corowking with a view with a resilient community of awesome fempr..."

Petra Babić


"Productivity garanteed"


Seedspace Yangon

"5 star Coworking Space"

Maja Juzwiak


"Amazing location and atmosphere!"


Seedspace Yangon


Arpit Baral


"I'll just suggest you to visit there once you'll love the atmosph..."

Nhật Nguyệt


"Elegant in style, remarkably nice for office/working space"

Claudia Yusron

Cohive Sunrise Artotel

"Gem in Sanur!"

Jonathan Parisi

Livit Hub

"Awesomeness "

Valentin Ţoc

Rubik Hub

"Perfect space & location for nomads, retreats and working remote!"

Shakoor Dahlan

Colombo Cooperative

"Great place to work with a lovely view of the ocean! "

Ishan Jay

Colombo Cooperative

"Lovely view and very calm place."

Linnea Whitney

The Lift Coworking

"Great Community and Environment"

Madison Maidment

Workhaus Bay Loft

"A Hidden Gem"



"I love working here!"

Marie Fitz

Ugather Cowork

"Great location and easy parking! "

Natalia Gazón

Work&Go - Zona T

"¡Nice place!"

Ana Gonzalez


"Great space!"

Marija Aleksova

Co & Work

"It’s like your office and all commodities that come with it!"

Madison Maidment

WeWork Richmond Street West

"Great space in the Entertainment District "

Madison Maidment

WeWork 1 University Ave

"Great space in the heart of downtown Toronto"

Alexandre Leroy

Spores Homes

"Best climate & awesome people"

Philip Charles

Rural Enterprise East

"Clean, comfortable, superb staff. 5*****"

Xavier Tosca

Algri Coworking Barcelona

"A place like home"


Cluj HUB

"Cluj HUB is about self development while developing a community"

Marc Mora Aubà

Algri Coworking Barcelona

"A very lovely place in the center of Barcelona"

Priyanshu Pandey

Stirring Minds

"Employee Oriented"

Jyoti Pathak

Stirring Minds

"Loved the working environment!!!"

Priyanka Dwivedi

Stirring Minds

"Great place to Work"

Angela Quinchia


"Great place!"

Javier De La Hoz



John Anderson


"Nice space. Well designed..."

DrOsman Osman

Hive Space

"A cozy warm place with great crew "

Nitin Gogna

Next57 Coworking

"Had a worst Experience, Never Recommend"

Léa Morillon


"Perfect place to work in Costa Rica"

lizbeth mamani

Impact Hub San José

" Excellent coworking space!!!"

Eric Chiang

Hub Hoi An

"Great community atmosphere with very helpful staff."

Sohila Mostafa

Hive Space

"its the most perfect work space i have ever visited"

Martin Tanitruoc

Seedspace Yangon

"Awesome place with a stunning view!"

Dina Elsokary

Hive Space


Heshi Gunasekera

Colombo Cooperative

"Amazing co workering space "

Vinod Kumar

Stirring Minds

"Provide good platform of career"

Murielle Lafon


"I am convinced"

Jordan Ring

The Carrot Patch

"Easiest 5 Star Review I've ever Given"

Rosie Keller

Seedspace Yangon

"Beautiful space right on the river!"

Ne Win

Seedspace Yangon


Sal Amarasinghe

Colombo Cooperative

"Colombo Cooperative Can Spark Your Creative Genius"


Colombo Cooperative

"Best Co working space in Colombo!"

Khaled Elseedy

Hive Space

"hive space"


Hive Space

"مكان رائع وهادئ ورخيص"


The Co. - The Row

"The co at the row is amazing!"

Eman Mohamed

Hive Space

"Hive space is best co-working space ever right now am enjoying ev..."

Eman Mohamed

Hive Space

"It helps me to get my work done in no time."

Eman Mohamed

Hive Space

"It's a great working space."

Eman Mohamed

Hive Space

"Best co-working space in Alex"

Luis Rodrigues

Seedspace Yangon

"Amazing view!"

Eslam Raafat

Hive Space

"Its really the best coworking space in Alexandria now "

Sam Lanuza-Adea


"All-in-one co working place"


Colombo Cooperative

"Simply Brilliant"


Colombo Cooperative


Tania Rajpal

WeWork EGL


Martin Morek

Planter's Space

"Great coworking space with a unique atmosphere"



"Quiet and Productive Space"

Iliyan Yanakiev

NETWORKING: Premium Coworking Spaces

"Cosy, Friendly and Bright"

Sam Marks

WeWork 140 Creek St

"Great beat this business hub in Brisbane"


UG Startup Factory

"Highly recommend to just starting-up teams"



"Coworking Space "

ShaLva Shaduri

UG Startup Factory

"The Best place to concentrate and do your job with the most reaso..."

Val Frolov

Millepiani Coworking


Nicola Calboli

Millepiani Coworking

"One of the best Coworking Space in Rome!!"

Victoria Koval

Millepiani Coworking

"Amazing place!!!"

Alexandra Arias

Impact Hub San José

"¡Great Vibe! "

Gue Nor


"I love this place pour 3 raisons: High level of design, several e..."

Hamzah Khadim


"Coworking, Pura Vida style"


Servcorp at Mercury Tower

"Location here is good and nice office"


Headquarters Cebu

"Good location and ambiance but the internet connection is not sta..."

Andrew Powell

Input Cowork

"Perfect for a Creative Startup Business"

Shawn Adrian

Input Cowork

"Great community in a small city"


We had a problem. We built Coworker to solve it.

We've been members of coworking spaces for years. And it annoyed us that every time we moved to a new city or country, it would take us at least 3 days to create a shortlist of coworking spaces that looked right for us.

After a frustrating experience trying to find a coworking space in Hong Kong which was solved by a friend's recommendation (thanks Celeste for telling us how great Garage Society is!) we began wondering why there wasn't a global platform for coworking space reviews.

So we built it.

Since launching in October 2015, Coworker has grown to become the world's largest platform to find & connect with coworking spaces in 159 countries, with thousands of member reviews collected.

Over 100,000 people now use Coworker each month to find a coworking space. All of us here on our (growing) team are excited to be part of this incredible industry and help people join the communities that will take their lives & businesses to the next level.

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