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Why join a coworking space?


The Productivity Boost

There's something magical about being around smart, ambitious people, all working under the same roof. Add in super fast WiFi speeds & great amenities, and watch your productivity soar.


The people you'll meet

The friendships & connections formed inside coworking spaces can lead to new clients, partners or even investors that will help you take your business to the next level.


The Flexibility

Not sure how big your team will be 3 months from now? No worries! Unlike traditional office leases, coworking spaces don't lock you into long term fixed contracts.

Ways to Connect

  • Send a Message Ask a question about meeting rooms, event space, amenities or anything else.
  • Get a Day Pass / Free Day Pass Try working from a coworking space for a day to see if it's the right fit for you.
  • Book a Tour Don't drop in unannounced! Schedule a tour so they're expecting you when you arrive.
  • Membership Request Think you've found the right space and want to join? Send a Membership Request.
  • Availability / Reservation Request As close as you can get to instant bookings: select the membership type, start date & duration you want then send an Availability Request.
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Voices of Members around the world Hear what over 12,000 members think with reviews & tips for
coworking spaces in 158 countries.

Yuri Barreto

Atelier Cowork Faro

"Fast internet conection, modern decor and the building is very we..."

Greenie Cheng

Planter's Space

"Great space, lovely host, friendly people, awesome location"

James Chetwood


"Great community! "

Greg Hung


"Great location, Great View, Great workspace, Friendly Staff"

Zakatell Nur


"A family!"

Steve Sakanashi

Nishiogi Place

"Everything you need to pursue your dreams and ventures"

Dimple Khatri


"Worth investing!! "

Jazmin Reyes

Technology HUB

"Increíble lugar"

Mick Lim


"A community-oriented coworking space here in Santitham!"

Areg Vardanyan

Hero House

"A True House for Heroes"

Aya El-mansi

We Design Training Center

"beautiful & comfortable work space."

Ondrej Roba

The Urban Office

"Had an amazing month in Urban Office!"

Klejn Ngracani

Dutch Hub

"DutchHub - The place to be"

Jessica Tobiesen

Cahoot Coworking

"Completely Unique Space To Be and Get Creative!"

Shalini Gupta

Koworkspace Coworking

"Best coworking space in dwarka"

nada zaafrane

Level 1

"The "all in one" Space "

Jonathan Seidman

Lekker Cafe Krabi

"I’d rather just stay at my hotel or go to Starbucks."

Christie Metson

Dojo bali

"Beachy casual co-working space"

Ryadh Bouslama

Level 1


Vitaliy Loboda

Vineyarts Co-working

"Perfect space for us."

Luke McConaghey

In Centar

"Creative bunker"


Smart Office

"A great place to work, excellent interior and nice vibe"



"Good vibe Good price."

Pad Pras


"Good place for working!"




怡君 林

Yu Serviced Office

"Amazing Co-working Space"

Olive Chang

Yu Serviced Office

"The Best Co-working space in Bangkok"

Sky Gan

BIG WHEEL - Virtual Office

"The best choice for entrepreneurs! "

Sergey Rubtcov

Bloom Room

"free day is't work"


Hub Hoi An

"Hub Hoi An"

Greg Hung

eSpace Coworking

"Great Office Cowork space In the old quarter near South end of Ho..."

Robin Panicker


"A unique coworking space."

Karina Sivolap

Addicted to Work

"I just love this place so much. "


Co-Labora Coworking

"El mejor lugar de Trabajo :)"


Impact Hub San José

"Excellent place to work and connect with people!"

Amy Cobb

Melting Pot

"Exciting, innovative work space in Digbeth"

James Wells

Melting Pot

"Amazing Space! Love It!"

Chris Morris

Melting Pot

"Would really recommend"

Nathaniel Hanna

Melting Pot

"Wicked building. Loads of collaborations happening! "

Joshua Pool

Club Insiders

"One of the best places to come and work I have found in Montreal."



"Great place to work from when in Tirana!"

Chelsea Curry

Biliq Bali Cosharing Space

"Best Co-working space in Bali!"

Ryan Chatterton


"A beautiful and cozy coworking cafe!"

Johnny Vasquez


"Great community with a cozy, unpretentious vibe"

Hyukju Alex Lee

The Urban Office

"The best in Bangkok"

Sietze Berends

CocoWorking Space

"Sunday, not crowded, good facilities, cheap"

Luke McConaghey


"Ghost town (not a review, just an observation)"

Luke McConaghey

Impact Hub Belgrade

"Creative bunker"

Luke McConaghey

Smart Office

"Here be dragons"

Luke McConaghey

UP center

"Free wi-fi tastes better"

Greg Hung


"Great Space 5 min near the My Khe beach and nice area near Rocket..."

Edward Woodcock

tuesday coworking

"A fantastic choice for co-working in Berlin"

Sreeraj Palath

True Space

"Nice place to work!"

Jens Meding

Locus Workspace - Vinohrady

"Good place!"

Jon Peterson

Ivy Laureles Cowork & Wellness Center

"Fastest Wifi Speed I've seen so far in Medellin"



"SOLO. Ideal place for working professionals. "

Isabel Sousa

Ivy Laureles Cowork & Wellness Center

"Buen lugar para trabajar, ademas son Pet Friendly!"


Cloud 9 Startup Labs

"A special place for me"


The Commune

"Lovely place for a good work life balance - will boost your creat..."

ricardo alarcon

Coworking El Nido

"El Nido the place to be laser focus and get work done"

Sarah Jenkins

Vineyarts Co-working

"Fun times at vineyarts coworking!"

Nacor Martina

The Commune

"A workspace has a relaxed vibe and great energy."

Gabriel Fontana

The Commune

"Fantastic and supportive community!"

Mikee Isnelav

Workplace Cafe

"More than just a Workplace. More than just a Cafe. "

Daniel Pinne


"Incredible value for money unlike other coworking spaces"

oriana martinez

Ivy Laureles Cowork & Wellness Center

"Hermoso lugar para Trabajar!"

mike willams

Ivy Laureles Cowork & Wellness Center

"Very professional building with high-speed wifi & yoga"

Jennifer Holmes

Smart Office

"Great Location and Flexibility"

Manuel Losada

Panal Coworking

"Excelente espacio de trabajo "

Chetan Rana

Suave Spaces

"Peaceful place for productive work"

Patrick Wilbur

Workplace Cafe

"A Great Work Environment Alternative"

Andy Sukur

Commons Romana

"Great place to meet founders and entrepreuners"

Regina Rodriguez

Connect Bradenton

"Awesome, Vibrant space."

Jess Kramer

Hub Hoi An

"My favourite coworking space"

Bayka Magendans

Hub Hoi An

"Best co-working space in SE Asia, if not the world."

Sofia Martina

Vineyarts Co-working

"Perfectly quiet , tranquil place to focus in he heart of downtown..."

Mark Den Cee

Progress Bar Rotterdam

"Highly recommended"

Yaser Reda


"very cozy, cheerful place and staff is wonderful. "

Ines Iachelini


"Eco friendly workspace"

Greg Hung

the Hive Saigon

"Modern Space, 20/20mbps, Hip Area, Rooftop, All Essentials"

Meii Reyes


"El mejor centro de negocios de Querétaro"

Akber Memon

Vineyarts Co-working

"Excellent co working space"

Simone Lettieri

Vineyarts Co-working

"Great space "

Hossein Shokri

Vineyarts Co-working

"5 star"


Vineyarts Co-working

"Long waiting list!"

Daria Cara

Vineyarts Co-working

"long waiting list , definitely worth it "

Ansar Raza

SkillGear Office

"Excellent Place!"

Nida Goga

Vineyarts Co-working

"Amazing workspace, perfectly located!"

Henri Mahal

Hub Hoi An

"I'm hooked! Oasis of peace, amazing food & drinks, very helpful s..."

Edward Woodcock

Porto i/o Riverside

"Wonderful staff. Beautiful space with stunning views."

Gillian Miller

Coworking Bansko

"A Fab Community in the Beautiful Pirin Mountains! "

Caballes Shela

OpenMind CoWorking Space, IT Park

"Excellent CoWorking Space"

Che Pancipanci

OpenMind CoWorking Space, IT Park

"The best business decision I ever made launching my start-up!"

Dewa Ayu

Biliq Bali Cosharing Space

"Coworking Space in middle busy area of Seminyak"

Swati Kamboj

Tippling Street - myHQ Coworking in Rajouri Garden

"A really fun workspace."

Swati Kamboj

OYO Townhouse Cafe Curryhut - myHQ Coworking Cafe

"Working with comfort"

Jyoti Sharma

Fuel Spaces

"Indeed fuels your day. Great co-working space, amazing munchies r..."

Mohd Ridzuan

Common Room Bangi

"Peace of mind places."

Tnp Samui


"BAYACO good location , parking conveniently , walk to Central Ph..."

Idan Hadjri

Kembali Innovation Hub

"Excellent place to work, connect with others & be inspired for yo..."


We had a problem. We built Coworker to solve it.

We've been members of coworking spaces for years. And it annoyed us that every time we moved to a new city or country, it would take us at least 3 days to create a shortlist of coworking spaces that looked right for us.

After a frustrating experience trying to find a coworking space in Hong Kong which was solved by a friend's recommendation (thanks Celeste for telling us how great Garage Society is!) we began wondering why there wasn't a global platform for coworking space reviews.

So we built it.

Since launching in October 2015, Coworker has grown to become the world's largest platform to find & connect with coworking spaces in 158 countries, with thousands of member reviews collected.

Over 100,000 people now use Coworker each month to find a coworking space. All of us here on our (growing) team are excited to be part of this incredible industry and help people join the communities that will take their lives & businesses to the next level.

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