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Why join a coworking space?


The Productivity Boost

There's something magical about being around smart, ambitious people, all working under the same roof. Add in super fast WiFi speeds & great amenities, and watch your productivity soar.


The people you'll meet

The friendships & connections formed inside coworking spaces can lead to new clients, partners or even investors that will help you take your business to the next level.


The Flexibility

Not sure how big your team will be 3 months from now? No worries! Unlike traditional office leases, coworking spaces don't lock you into long term fixed contracts.

Ways to Connect

  • Send a Message Ask a question about meeting rooms, event space, amenities or anything else.
  • Get a Day Pass / Free Day Pass Try working from a coworking space for a day to see if it's the right fit for you.
  • Book a Tour Don't drop in unannounced! Schedule a tour so they're expecting you when you arrive.
  • Membership Request Think you've found the right space and want to join? Send a Membership Request.
  • Availability / Reservation Request As close as you can get to instant bookings: select the membership type, start date & duration you want then send an Availability Request.
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Voices of Members around the world Hear what over 10,000 members think with reviews & tips for
coworking spaces in 115 countries.



"Get Shit Done "

Ahmed Mostafa

Maze Coworking Space

"The best Ever"

Erl Valmoria

Office Escape


John Black

Neighborhub Coworking Space

"Exceptional, inspirational and super friendly coworking space i'v..."

Lauren Labas

InSpark Coworking

"Informative Events and Coworking"

Stephanie Larsen

InSpark Coworking

"Great space to work or network!"

Dara Redulla

Happy Hive

"There's a reason it's called "Happy""

Reena Lebanan

Happy Hive

"Perfect place for creative productivity"

Brian Trendler

InSpark Coworking

"Perfect venue suitable for a day and more!!"

Christy Beckley

InSpark Coworking

"Inspiring place to work and collaborate!"

Andrea King

InSpark Coworking

"Coworking with a great vibe!"

Jaroslav Zelenka

Locus Workspace - Vinohrady

"Perfect for work and fun"

Charles Malata


"Scratch coffeeshops, this place is the new freelancer's haven"

Hoowan Pi


"Collaborative and fun environment 24/7"

Jemelie Tan


"Spacelab is the place to be!"

Charmaine Enot


"More than 5 stars!!!"

Ray Adrian

Office Escape

"A conducive and an easy-to-access co-working space in the area."

Cai Cansino

Office Escape

"Best Co-Working Space in Cagayan de Oro"

Sasa Quina

Office Escape

"5 STARS!!!"

Francesca Latay

Happy Hive

"For the chill Creatives!"

Yafa Crane Luria

InSpark Coworking

"Full of positivity"

Chrys Tabelle

Workshop Coworking

"Bad wifi"

Emshi Naga

Office Escape

"Office Escape is Daebak! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°"

Alexis Mercieca

The Koozpace

"Beautiful space, well designed with all the appropriate facilitie..."

Ione Shakur


"Cute cozy space with amazing owner!"

Jay Gastby

Poolsub Space

"Highly recommend"

Joey Sendaydiego

Office Escape

"Everything you need for an out of home office"

Juan Dela Cruz

Office Escape

"Coziest co-working space in CDO!"

Froggy Alexandra


"Fanciest Coworking space in town"

Stefan Bühler

"You're looking for something else than a regular office? You foun..."

March Brenwall

Addicted to Work

"Cozy Place to work in"

March Brenwall

The Brick Space

"Hidden Gem"




Axel VL

Garage Society Siem Reap

"Excellent working space"

Divij Choudhry

Skootr - Udyog Vihar

"They are cheats"

Steve Munroe

NEST Dubai

"Coworking in a Hotel: Awesome!"

Andrew Horn

ESC Coworking Space

"Decent, but my computer couldn't use their internet"

Erin Elizabeth

NEST Dubai

"Gorgeous coworking gem in Dubai"

Matthias Zeitler

NEST Dubai

"Great vibe during Opening Week"

Michael Petar


"Kreativ im Zentrum"

Joanna Wolfe

Cape Town Office

"A fantastic productive space with an interesting group of individ..."



"Friendly people but I didn't come to chat."

Lucia Lizarazu

Tribua Coworking

"Excelente lugar!"

Douglas Edwards

Greenpoint Coworking

"I wanna stay forever"



"Great workspace"


Greenpoint Coworking

"Greenpoint Coworking makes work seam easy!"

Robyn Elford

Greenpoint Coworking

"A happy space "

Zach Smith

Greenpoint Coworking

"A warm, friendly place to work!"

Abhinav Agarwal


"An excellent coworking space"


D-SPOT-COM Honmachi

"Great Atmosphere!"

Michel Helms

Impact Hub San José

"Beautiful space"

Simon Wendler


"Beautiful Shared office in center of city"

Ana Ródenas


"Muy recomendable"

Gary Oakley

Weighbridge House Coworking


Tina Sarnes

"Best place to work and live"

Sina Mylluks

Estación Coworking

"Great coworking space in the center of Trujillo"

Coworking Linz

Coworking Linz

"Cool im Zentrum"


UG Startup Factory

"Great working space"

Malen K Bamboo

Primer Piso - libertad creativa

"Mi experiencia en Primer Piso, Libertad Creativa "

Leanne Beesley

Garage Society at Phuket, Patong

"Garage Society in Phuket is a super cool spot, easy to meet new f..."

Alex Degner

Estación Coworking

"excelente ambiente de trabajo"


Estación Coworking

"Un excelente lugar para trabajar!"

Madison Maidment

NEST Dubai

"Working from a hotel will never be the same. "

Sada Piqolette


"First Visit, Great Impression"



"Great space, great people! "

James Wood


"Beautifully designed, functional and friendly workplace."

Emiel van Dongen


"Excellent co-working space run by amazing people"

Jose Polo

Garage Society at Phuket, Patong

"Five Stars Coworking"

Ioana Trifan Cowork Cafe

"Best place for work and study! "

Kara Turner

The Hub South Shore

"Fantastic place to work"

Nicole Fu


"Bare bones coworking spot that gets the job done."

Lana Burgess


"Super chilled and focused atmosphere, stunning surroundings, dece..."

Cațan Cowork Cafe

"Great place! "

Stefanya Cowork Cafe

"Amazing place"


Punta la Barca

"Great people, good internet, wonderful atmosphere, amazing spot"



"Cyhub makes Paphos a perfect place for Digital Nomads "


Technology HUB

"Working made comfortable"

Alejandra Garcia

Technology HUB

"T-HUB cowork el mejor espacio para colaborar"

Diego Macías



Edgar Horta


"Awesome coworking space in downtown "

Monique Dingding


"Great place to work"

Paul Huckell


"Platf9rm is as good as it gets."

Michelle Taylor


"Finally! A place where you want to go to work! "

Andy Broughton


"The best coworking space in the South East!"


GreenTi Co-work

"Stylish, modern, equipped and welcoming co-working space"

Maria Focsa


"Very cozy, like working from home minus the pj's and plus some gr..."

Stefan Trasca


"A great coworking space"

Luisa Arellano

Technology HUB

"Best place to work"


Technology HUB

"Lugar para conectar mentes"

Jaqueline Corral

Technology HUB

"Alimenta tu creatividad"

Celia Piquero

Technology HUB

"Best Place Ever"

Brandon Rivas

Technology HUB

"El mejor lugar para trabajar."

Rogelio Estrada

Technology HUB

"Excelente lugar para Networking"

Veronica Villada

Technology HUB

"Excelente lugar para conectarse con la innovación y el eprendimi..."

Adrian Kajcsa


" Tidy, cozy, friendly place"

Serendipity Labs

Serendipity Labs Columbus - Capitol Square

"Great Energy!"

Giovani Paschoal

Wit Working


Andrei Lungu


"The place to be! "

Luiza Sestini

Wit Working

"Membro Luiza Sestini"

Elisa Oția Cowork Cafe

"Best place"


We had a problem. We built Coworker to solve it.

We've been members of coworking spaces for years. And it annoyed us that every time we moved to a new city or country, it would take us at least 3 days to create a shortlist of coworking spaces that looked right for us.

After a frustrating experience trying to find a coworking space in Hong Kong which was solved by a friend's recommendation (thanks Celeste for telling us how great Garage Society is!) we began wondering why there wasn't a global platform for coworking space reviews.

So we built it.

Since launching in October 2015, Coworker has grown to become the world's largest platform to find & connect with coworking spaces in 115 countries, with thousands of member reviews collected.

Over 60,000 people now use Coworker each month to find a coworking space. All of us here on our (growing) team are pumped to be part of this incredibly exciting industry and help people join the communities that will take their lives & businesses to the next level.

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