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Known as the birthplace of the giant retail brand "Walmart" the world's largest retailer, Bentonville is one of the four main cities in the Northwest Arkansas Metropolitan area with a population of about 35,301 city residents. Once hunting grounds for the Osage Nation who lived in Missouri, white settlers established farms around 1836 and the town was named in honor of Thomas Hart Benton, a senator from Missouri. From being a leader in poultry production since World War II, Bentonville's economy is seeing an increase in tourism and entertainment due to its natural setting and outdoor opportunities. The city's culture is a melding of southern small town charm and global business hub plus its home to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. There are plenty of historical sites and districts to keep the history buff smiling and forest trails for the outdoor enthusiast to do a happy dance about. This is where you will find the Northwest Arkansas Community College that is spawning the next generation of tech savvy souls who have a penchant to hang out at coworking venues either getting creative or in collaborative mode with seasoned professionals of the tech industry.

Arkansas has a wealth of successful tech and startup companies within its midst creating a hot bed of innovative minds and mega talent. The main difference between Arkansas and the bigger tech scenes of Boston, New York and Silicon Valley is the fact that tech souls are more friendly without the competitive edge elsewhere. Here tech folk mix it up with brick-and-mortar souls, as they both face the same challenges as entrepreneurs. It's a happy melting pot of mobile app developers, tech gurus or geeks, venture capitalists and boutique shop owners hanging out together creating bonding between regional and local startup scenes.

Coworking venues are providing hard-working Arkansans the space to mingle and get some work done before heading off on their mountain bikes into the wild yonder.