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About Cabo San Lucas

Startup ecosystems are thriving in Mexico and its' transition to an innovation economy may just turn out to be one of the world's biggest economies in the next decade, if the government maintains its support for entrepreneurship by continuing to develop new initiatives to boost its growth. Cabo San Lucas may be a resort city on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula more in tune with water babies than entrepreneurs, but it does have its fair share of innovative souls hanging around its coworking spaces before heading off to the beach or for a coffee at one of the many outdoor restaurants to have a geek at the passing parade.

The city has a population of around the 81,111 inhabitants and the town forms a part of what is known as "Los Cabos" when referred to with its' neighboring town of San Jose del Cabo. A destination for intrepid souls who love to don scuba gear so that they can commune with aquatic creatures, it is also for those into a bit of adventure with the natural archway in the seacliffs to explore. Once a small fishing village, it is believed that Cabo San Lucas has had humans meandering around its shores for at least 10,000 years. Today it is a throbbing hub where hordes of tourists play either in the water, amidst its vibrant and chaotic nightlife or trying to win the highest paying marlin tournament in the world, "Bisbee's Los Cabos Offshore" held annually in October. Even pods of whales take time out in Cabo San Lucas on their 6000-mile migration from Alaska and Siberia to give birth to their calves.

Mexico has a growing economy with widespread mobile coverage, low banking penetration and an underdeveloped lending system that is pushing Mexican fintech to success. About 40% of fintech startups in Mexico are involved in the niche markets of lending or remittances, which you just made need if you want to buy a property here. Coworking in Cabo San Lucas is a way of life for its inventive locals and for the globe trotting entrepreneurs who like to splash around in the warm water of the Gulf of California.