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About Victoria

The capital city of the Seychelles archipelago floating in the Indian Ocean, Victoria sits on Mahé Island. First established by the British colonial government, today its population is around the 26,450 mark including those in the suburbs. Sometimes looked upon as the pit stop between luxury resorts, Victoria has a colorful history and dynamic architecture. One of the world's smallest capitals, this is where you jump ferries to get to the other islands of the Seychelles. With its unique melting pot of Indian, Chinese, French, African, Malagasy and British influences, Victoria is now catering to its innovative locals and globe trotting nomads with laptops in their backpacks with the opening of coworking venues.

Rapid social change has brought its own miseries to a country that has seen an economic boom since the 2008 foreign currency crisis. With many traditional Creole buildings being torn down to make way for foreign investment, creative locals are hanging onto their heritage as much as they can. Its population is a colorful mix, as many locals travel frequently overseas bringing back foreign spouses with them. The Creole community is open and friendly. The country that had already been charted by the Chinese and the Arabs before Vasco da Gama "discovered" them was once awash in plantations and is now a tourist hub that is a magnet for sun and island worshippers.

This may not be a tech hub per se, but it is a playground for those that wish to do their morning stint in a coworking venue and then run off to splash in the water.