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A city for ice cream or sorbet lovers, Ibarra is the place to invade the markets and to gorge on this treat that was made by the native indigenous population during Incan times. They created it out of snow or ice from the nearby Imbabura Volcano (sadly there is no ice here any more) combining ice shavings with the juice of various fruits. This concoction was put into a pan and frozen and is known as "helados de paila".
From gorging on sorbet to getting stuff done in a coworking venue, Ibarra sits not just at the foot of the Imbabura Volcano but on the banks of the Tahuando River as well, about 70km from Quito, Ecuador's capital.

You can while away some time in one of its beautiful plazas, say a little prayer in a baroque church or thrash a credit card in the bustling commercial centre. The outdoor hero can play on the lake, go jogging around its shoreline or take to pushing the pedals on a bicycle. Cobbled streets will ruin your stiletto heels, the local market is always on a Saturday and its whitewashed colonial houses have earned the city the nickname of "White City".

There are plenty of intrepid souls in Ibarra despite the fact that Quito leads the tech hub race as a hot spot in Ecuador. Coworking venues are becoming the meeting spaces for these likeminded individuals who are over sitting in a cafe and being hassled by a waitperson to buy another cup of coffee.

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