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About Kakuda

A city in the Miyagi Prefecture of Japan with a population of about 29,764 inhabitants, Kakuda was once a part of the ancient Mutsu Province during the Sengoku period. The city's economy is based on light manufacturing of automotive parts and electrics, plus throw in a bit of agriculture with the cultivation of plums and soybeans. Easily accessed by train, the city is famous for being home to one of Japan's leading space research and technological development facilities, the Kakuda Space Center. If you are into all things to do with "out there" in space, you will love this town with its space museum, space tower and a full-scale model of an H-II rocket. Coworking in Kakuda is now a reality as venues have opened their doors to cater to the tech savvy youth who are no longer quivering in their boots at the stigma of failing, if their dreams don't become realities.

An historical city wrapped up in natural and stunning scenery, Kakuda is cloaked in apricot and cherry blossoms along the banks of the Abukuma River when spring arrives. This is when you can throw on your hiking boots and head into the wild mountains. Summer is festival season with numerous traditional events happening and autumn brings the picking of "nashi" (aka Japanese pears) in the orchards on the outskirts of the city. Winter brings a bit of snow and hundreds of swans that drop in on their way from Siberia. There are plenty of historical sites to keep the most avid historian wearing a grin and the historical library will leave bookworms weak at the knees.

With the success in Japan of e-commerce and Internet gurus such as Mixi and Mercari, there is a new breed of entrepreneurs being born. Many successful founders are now investing in new companies and young people are becoming more attracted to what the startup world can offer, such as freedom in the way you work. Government incentives for startups are bolstering the scene and coworking venues are providing the space for Kakuda's creative locals to mingle and collaborate.