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About Funchal

If translated, Funchal means "a plantation of fennel" as when the island was discovered it was smothered in it. It is now the star ingredient in the traditional sweets of Funchal, such as "rebucados de funcho", that can be bought anywhere on the island.  With a history going back more than 5 centuries when the Portuguese settled here, it is a cosmopolitan city awash with glorious sunny days and a stunning harbor entrance that rivals Rio de Janeiro.  From marauding pirates of old times to the now trendy cruise ship crowd, Funchal is one of the safest and cleanest cities in Europe. 

Perfect to walk around, picturesque and sublime, its cobblestoned streets mix dynamically with funky cafes, elegant bars and international restaurants in a cosmopolitan flair.  Sitting in a natural amphitheater with a mountainous backdrop looking at the Atlantic's blue water, Funchal by day can be mistaken for a sleepy seaside village, but at night it comes alive with a vibrant heady nightlife that literally lasts all night. 

It is the perfect spot for a bit of diving in crystal clear water, take a swim with some dolphins or stay dry on a boat and do some whale watching.  For the adventurous souls there is paragliding, trekking in the mountains, or you can chase a little white golf ball around a golf course if that turns you on. It has the biggest display of New Year's Eve fireworks held anywhere in the world.  There is actually an Atlantic Festival of International Fireworks Competition held every June that would rival the antics of the Thais.  Throw in a boisterous costumed Carnival where the samba reigns supreme and a colorful Flower Festival and Funchal is definitely the place to either chill out or party all night, depending on your mood.

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