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A university city plus the administrative, economic and cultural hub of central Slovakia, Banská Bystrica was the home of the anti-Nazi opposition and the site of one of the largest anti-Nazi resistance events in Europe in 1944 during World War II.
Once a copper mining town, its economy today is based on tourism, timber and its mechanical industry. Sitting on the Hron River in a valley fringed by the mountains of the Low Tatras, the Velkda Fatra and the Kremnica, it has a population of around the 78,327 mark. Its history dates back to 1255 when it was a free royal town of the Kingdom of Hungary. It was during the Late Middle Ages that it took the shape of the city as it is today. Coworking venues have opened up their doors to cater to its well-educated tech savvy youth and locals plus the wandering souls into cross-country skiing or chasing the network of marked hiking trails surrounding the city.

Banská Bystrica is no different to the rest of Slovakia in that it is still chasing elusive must-haves for startups such as venture capital, expansion into new markets and human resources. In spite of this, Slovakia is on the tech map of Eastern Europe with a reputation of mature companies and brands. The majority of its startup founders are under the age of 35 with 85% having a university or college degree. Most bootstrap without an external investor and there has been an increase in organized hackathons and educational events whereby larger companies are trying to find new ideas and strategies.

With the introduction of laws defining what a "startup is" in 2017, it has opened the door for many to get government help by way of hiring personal coaches, less government paperwork and a web site dedicated to information about support schemes. Coworking venues play an important role allowing inventive souls to mingle in one space where they can collaborate and learn from each other.