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About Destin

A city in the northwest of Florida known as the "Panhandle", Destin has a wealth of stunning beaches and golf courses for those who like to chase little white balls plus a harbor boardwalk where you can watch the strutting or jogging masses. Sitting on Florida's "Emerald Coast", it was historically a small fishing village that has today become a tourist hot spot. Destin lays claim to having the largest fishing vessel fleet in the state of Florida and it's where 80% of the 4.5 million tourists flock to for its pure white sand in preference to the other cities along the Gulf of Mexico's coastline. Destin is home to numerous events throughout the year such as the Destin Fishing Rodeo and its seafood festival that sees fresh seafood being gobbled up by everyone. Awash in accommodation venues of one sort or another, Destin's usual population of about 12,000, swells during the summer months to 40,000. Coworking venues opening up in the city are catering to its tech savvy locals, as well as the summer interlopers who need somewhere to get their work done in between dips in the ocean.

Several cities in Florida are vying for the de facto role of being the state's tech capital with many entrepreneurs moving to urban centers. Some startups are focused on hospitality, hospitals and tourism with many creative minds incubating businesses focused on virtual doctor visits, digitized hospital records and nanoparticle drug delivery, whilst other cities are into commercial space travel.

Coworking spaces are popular for app developers, tech lawyers, day traders and anyone that needs to get some work done without any hassles and loads of convenience.