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About Birgu

With a tiny population of only about 2,629 people, the old fortified city of Birgu is where you can get up close and personal with its inhabitants whether you are swapping stories in a coworking venue or stuffing your face with rabbit stew or fish pie. The city is also known by its title "Citta Vittoriosa" and sits on a promontory of land with Fort Saint Angelo at its top and the city of Cospicua at its bottom. Historically this has been a site of safe anchorage since medieval times and it played a major role in the "Great Siege of Malta" in 1565. Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and the list goes on, have all stained this town with their influences. From knights to Napoleon and the odd Maltese rebels have all wrecked havoc over Birgu. There are plenty of museums to poke your nose into, the waterfront to explore and a church or 2 where you can get a bit of heavenly help for your startup to succeed.

Malta is said to be a "startup heaven" because its central position in the Mediterranean makes it a strategic hub of Europe and a possible relocation destination for United Kingdom startups looking for stability. This is a secure point of entry into the European market. The country has a sunny climate, a business friendly environment and most people speak English. Its government is aiding startups by offering incentives and it has only taken a few years for Malta to develop an efficient digital startup ecosystem despite the fact that more effort needs to be put into an organization that will unite the tech community as a whole. It was in 2016 that "Silicon Valletta" was formed as a non-profit organization hoping to generate an organized local network for the Maltese digital sector plus to help and counsel startups so that they can grow more successfully.

Coworking venues in Malta are giving its inventive souls the place to gather en masse to share skills, ideas and even where the odd tear or two can be shed out of frustration.