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With a history going back to the 8th and 9th Centuries BC, Fermo is a town and a commune in the Marche region of the province of the same name in Italy. Perched on a hill, the city was founded as a Latin colony of 6,000 men in 264BC. Besieged and captured numerous times, it has been the capital city of the Fermo province since 2009. Awash in historical buildings, cathedrals, palaces and an awesome archaeological site, history buffs will definitely be wearing big grins when strolling around. The town's most important monument is its Duomo with a rose window dating back to 1348 and several tombs including one from 1366. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, the small town of Fermo is where you can still see the remains of its defensive walls. Fermo has about 37,396 people wandering its cobblestoned alleys, slurping on spaghetti or collaborating in coworking venues.

Italians have creative culture in their blood, from food to fashion, design to wine and there are plenty of innovative tech savvy souls lingering over espressos. Major tech players such as IBM and Apple are opening up new tech hubs alluding to the fact that there is loads of potential in the Italian market. The government is instigating new initiatives to make it easier for startups to "start up" in light of the fact that it has always had a reputation for being bureaucracy-heavy.

Fermo may not be the tech hub on a par with Turin, Milan or Rome, but it does have its locals who have no desire to move from their beautiful home city, plus there are the globetrotters with laptops in their backpacks that linger longer than they should in this stunning area. Coworking venues are giving them the space to mingle, to connect and to collaborate before heading out the door at night to promenade a piazza.