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Also known as Iraklio, the port city of Heraklion is the capital of the Greek Island of Crete. The 4th largest city in Greece, it has a population of around the 140,730 mark. This is the birthplace of the man known as El Greco (Doménikos Theotokópoulos) the painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance and it is known for the Palace of Knossos that sits outside the city, which dates back thousands of years to the Minoan civilization. You will find a large collection of Minoan art in the city's Archaeological Museum and guarding the city's port is the 16th Century Koules fortress. This is no quaint island but a thriving, hustling and bustling metropolis that is the 5th largest city in Greece. On this ancient ground, coworking venues have opened their doors, not just to cater to its inventive locals but for the tourists and globetrotting nomads who have laptops in their bags.

There are many streets that have become pedestrian only that are lined with small bars and cafes where you can sit outside sipping espresso and watch the meandering parade of people. The locals are warm and friendly and the food is to die for. Landmarks are everywhere you turn whispering their stories about the island that supposedly gave birth to gods, as well as rebellion. Heraklion maintains its links with its historical past melding it with its prosperous future.

Crete as with the rest of Greece is attempting to avoid becoming a crisis tourism destination, wishing instead to be a centre for innovation. The outlook is promising with many tech savvy youth preferring to stay on their own home turf, rather than creating a brain drain and running overseas to get creative. The advent of coworking venues is giving the locals an alternative to hanging out in the local cafe trying to get some work done in basically isolation mode.