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About Granby

A town in the southwestern region of Quebec sitting east of Montreal, Granby is the 4th most populated city in Monteregie with a population of about 63,433. It's famous for its landmark fountain of Lake Boivin and its Granby Zoo where you can have a chat to the animals, if no one else is talking to you, the city was founded on natural prairies and forests of fir, ash, maple, hemlock and birch. Colonized in 1792, the town began with a sawmill and a general store. It wasn't until 1971 that it was given the title of being a "town". Exploiting the North Yamaska River's powerful flow, large industrial companies have used its hydraulic energy since the construction of its first dam in 1815. This is a town for those into getting outdoors, as it has a large number of parks to meander around with plenty of trails to either walk, jog, bike or even for a leisurely chill-out time on a picnic rug. The twitters will be happy, as there is a bird sanctuary in the Yamaska National Park where they can peer at feathered creatures for as long as they like. Coworking venues have opened up in Granby to give its intrepid souls somewhere to hang out in collaborative mode when its raining outside or they lose interest in one-sided chats with the animals.

Canada is being touted as the business world's best-kept secret especially in the fields of artificial intelligence, clean technology and health care. Today it's competing on a global stage and is a major destination for commercial investment. The government is empowering new companies by hosting technology industry events featuring some of the world's best innovators and attracting international talent to work on world-changing innovations. The number of skilled foreign workers is skyrocketing and many scaling firms are actively hiring from overseas.

Granby may not be a tech hub per se, but it does have its community of tech savvy people who are gathering en masse in collaborative mode to get their stuff done.