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About Kawaguchi

A typical suburban city of Tokyo's metropolitan area, Kawaguchi has a fluctuating population depending on the time of day. Many of its inhabitants run to the big cities for work during the day, but there is a new intrepid breed that are hanging out in the coworking spaces that have recently opened their doors. This urban area is cloaked in apartments with numerous train stations and bordered by the Tokyo wards of Kita-ku and Adachi-ku with the Arakawa River running across its border to the south.

Japan is changing its view on entrepreneurship and its tech savvy youth are not afraid of the stigma of failure any more, thanks to the media hype surrounding startups. Startups were Plan B in case you couldn't get a job, but today many are leaving their corporate positions to found their own companies or to join other startups. Japan does lag behind China and Silicon Valley, but the future holds a more positive outlook. The stability of corporate or public sector jobs does not hold the same allure and youth who were once risk-averse are now taking entrepreneurship to another level.

The government is offering incentives to startups bolstering the creative tech scene plus there are numerous successful founders mentoring the youth of the city. Today tech savvy youth are not jumping on trains in the mornings, but heading to their local coworking space to get their stuff done on their own terms.