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Picturesque and perched on the edge of the Sierra Chica mountain range, Cordoba is for the night owls who dine at 5am. Expect to be planted with kisses on your cheeks when meeting people and Facebook is simply referred to as "Face". The teens hang out in a mass mentality at McDonalds and no one ever arrives anywhere on time. You start your day at 11am with lunch and breakfast just never seems to be on the agenda. In public toilets you pay the attendant for a handful of toilet paper and there is a constant miasma of cigarette smoke wherever you go. The roads don't appear to have any road rules and parking a car is a matter of finding a space big enough to squeeze into, no matter what side of the road.

Argentina's colonial capital, Cordoba is bathed in the natural beauty of the Andes or further south, the Pampas Mountains. Once the center of arts and intellectual pursuits, the city has a gutsy independent spirit amidst its easily walked streets overflowing with colonial buildings to gawk at and plazas to while away time in.

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