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Known as "the City of Snacks" (think rice cakes, shrimp rolls and oysters with thin noodles), Tainan is overflowing with street food stalls (curb de cuisine) and mosh pit busy night markets where you can eat amazing local food sitting on plastic chairs on the pavement. The 4th largest city in Taiwan, it was settled in 1590 and it is the oldest city in the country. Awash in temples, shrines, fortresses and historical buildings, Tainan sits on the southwest coast and was the island's capital from 1683 to 1887 during the Qing dynasty. Nicknamed "Phoenix City" it is famous for the "Chihkan Tower" (18th Century), a Chinese complex of exquisitely carved towers, lush gardens and a temple standing, on the foundations of an ancient Dutch outpost - Fort Provintia - from the mid 1600s.

You will find a confusion of people rich in culture and living ancient traditions from when a person is born to when they die. For those that are into history this is a dreamland of exploration. Claiming to have more Buddhist and Taoist temples (166 to be precise) than any other city in Taiwan, here you will find the first Confucian school-temple (1665) and the rubble from the Southern gates of the old city. The Anping District is a must do as it is the historical heart of Tainan and home to the Anping Old Fort and the Anping Tree House. There is the Flower Night Market where only the brave attempt to go on a Friday or Saturday night, due to the swarming mass of local humanity frequenting the area. For those that love art, with a difference, head to TOGO Rural Village Art Museum.

If you want to get up close and personal with a rare black-faced spoonbill for a bit of a non-Chinese chat go to the mangrove reserves, or if you just want time out of the seething mass of humanity, go to Tainan Park for a solitary walk amidst the gorgeous gardens.

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