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The capital of Ghana sitting on the Atlantic Coast of West Africa, Accra is a hot and sticky place overwhelmed with body odor, oppressive fumes and yesterday's cooking oil. It is not a place to head for in search of tourist magnets, but if you can withstand the dirty clouds hovering above, you will find mangoes, banku (fermented maize meal) and a plethora of rice to gorge on. There are golden sand beaches and a dynamic nightlife along the seafront spots of Labadi and Kokrobite Beaches.

Despite English being the main language spoken, there are a few idiosyncrasies: a "rubber" is a plastic bag (yep not what you were thinking), a "tro tro" is a form of public transport and "slippers" are flip-flops. This is where the water doesn't spin when you flush a toilet, it just goes straight down and there are no hot or cold faucets, only on and off. You will find yourself eating like a local in your hands or with a spoon. The locals generally do not drink coffee, despite the fact that it grows and produces coffee and it is the largest supplier of cocoa beans. "I'm coming" seems to be a phrase used for everything, and hissing and kissy noises are used to get your attention.

The Ga people founded Accra in the 17th Century around a port. Accra became the capital of Ghana following its independence in 1957 and is the largest city in Ghana. A modern metropolis, the architecture ranges from dusty shantytowns to 19th Century buildings and modern skyscrapers. This is where it's best to hire a car and a driver to take you around, due to the spread out nature of what few attractions there are. But, within the city it is best to pound the pavement with your feet, so long as you watch out for the open sewerage drains. You should have a look at the National Museum showcasing Ghana's history especially the slave trade era, the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park in honor of Kwame Nkrumah (the nation's first president), gaze at the eternal flame of the Black Star Square celebrating Ghanaian independence from the British in 1957 and the National Archives of Ghana or the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences. Head to Jamestown that is the oldest part of Accra and is still a working fishing center. It is the largest fishing harbor in Ghana where each morning as the sun rises dozens of small boats bring in their catch.

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