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About Putrajaya

Sitting south of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Putrajaya is a planned city that is the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. It was named after the first Malaysian Prime Minister and forms a part of a special economic zone that covers Klang Valley. Its development began in the early 1990s and when once totally completed the population is expected to grow. It's home to the landmark structure of the Putra Mosque that is made from rose-colored granite with a pink dome, plus the green-dome Perdana Putra that contains the prime minister's office complex. Your jaw will drop when you see the 3-tiered Putra Bridge (think Iranian architecture) that has 4 minaret-type piers looking over the man-made Lake Putrajaya. There is a wealth of educational facilities including universities and international schools in the city. Coworking venues opening up in the streets of Putrajaya gives its locals somewhere to hang out and get their stuff done, rather than putting up with a cafe scene.

Putrajaya is no tech hub per se, as there are 3 main cities for tech/startup gurus in Malaysia, that of Kuala Lumpur and Penang with Johor silently bubbling away. The country has an entrepreneurial culture that is transparent with work colleagues mingling friendship with creativity and a generous attitude when it comes to sharing of ideas and knowledge. Startups are scattered throughout the country and Johor does need more intrepid souls plus more support organizations to really bounce out of its brewing stage.

With many locals wishing to start something of their own, Malaysian entrepreneurship is very much alive and there have been a few extremely successful startups such as Grab, Jobstreet, MOL and Airasia to come out of the country. With this in mind, it is little wonder that coworking venues are hives of activity and collaboration.