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24 EUR /d



THE BEST COWORKING PLACE IN TOWN ! IN PARIS CENTER - CHATELET Friendly like a café, convenient like an office, quiet l... More

20 EUR /d
Coworkshop, Paris



With a pay as you work concept, in Coworkshop you’ll be able to work for an hour or the whole day - however long you w... More

30 EUR /d
Come'N'Work, Montpellier



Come'N'Work is in the historic center of Montpellier. Less than 10 min. of the train station and nearly the 4 tramway tra... More

20 EUR /d
Numa, Paris



Formerly Silicon Rentier, NUMA began with the opening of La Cantine, the first coworking space in France in 2008. If you... More

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Abservetech Abservetech
Rakwe is a brilliant idea for a co-working space - a dedicated coffee shop specifically for nomad workers... Show More
Alan Grainger
J'ai la chance de venir travailler depuis maintenant 9 mois dans ce lieu aussi qualitatif que convivial. ... Show More
Catherine Zanini Mazzella
J'ai choisi l'espace de travail I Lov'It tout d'abord pour sa situation : en plein cœur du quartier dyna... Show More
Yannick Chauvin

Think delicious old world wines, crunchy baguettes smothered in creamy cheeses and you have France in your head. Known for its couture fashion, art museums, the Palace of Versailles, Paris, quaint stone house villages, mountains, Mediterranean beaches and that oh so European culture simply oozing into the air. France is vying to become the European startups go-to haven.

The French government is listening to what startups need and they have a dedicated minister with a brand "La French Tech" to promote French startups internationally. Foreign investors regularly look to France for opportunities, as well as France having its own entrepreneur friendly investors for seed funding. There is a strong tech community with plenty of coworking spaces happening, accelerators, meet-ups and several annual internationally focused conferences. The hubs are happening not just in Paris, but also in areas such as Nantes, Lyon, Toulouse and Bordeaux to name a few. France has numerous internationally acclaimed engineering talent and top business schools pushing the young talent forward as it is fast becoming a trendy thing to be, an entrepreneur.

Getting right behind what the government is sprouting about, France is in the throes of building what they claim will be the world's largest digital incubator, the Halle Freyssinet building due to be completed in 2017 and predominantly financed by entrepreneur Xavier Niel to the tune of around €200m. It is hoped that it will be a springboard for the new generation of budding entrepreneurs in the digital world and create a unique ecosystem bringing all the players under one roof of innovation.

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