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Located in the north of Switzerland, Winterthur is just a 30 minute drive from the German border. While Winterthur provides easy access to Deutschland, it also has a lot to offer in its own right as Switzerland’s 6th largest city by population. Winterthur is known for its strong service industry and as a center for technology. If you’re running a tech startup or business that otherwise requires technologically talented hires, Winterthur locals are sure to impress. Winterthur also has you covered for places to work. There are a couple of nice coworking spaces in town that hold regular events such as breakfasts, networking hours, and startup nights.

Plus, staying in Winterthur makes it easy to quench any cravings you have for the big city life. The global banking and finance sector of Zürich is just 30 kilometers or 22 minutes by train. Zürich of course, has numerous other coworking spaces with day passes available if you’d like to switch things up for the day. After a long day of work, however, you’ll be glad to head back into Winterthur.

With a slower pace of life than Zürich, Winterthur offers a much calmer vibe. Winterthur also offers a moderately lower cost of living. The city has solid leisure options in its world class art museums and a beautiful pedestrian-only old town that is one of the largest in all of Switzerland. All in all, life is good in Winterthur with its many coworking events, robust economy, and excellent living standards.