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Warsaw, Pl. Pilsudskiego 3


Warsaw, Bonifraterska 17

PLN 759 / pp / month

Warsaw, 126/134 Marszalkowska street


Warsaw, Equaor II


Warsaw, 1st Floor Solec Residence Biura

PLN 809 / pp / month

Warsaw, ul. Prusa 2

PLN 829 / pp / month

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Coworking in Warsaw About Warsaw

In recent years, Warsaw been called “the next Berlin,” with an increasingly hipster vibe, repurposable old buildings, and a serious culture of entrepreneurship on the rise. And like Berlin, Warsaw has a difficult recent past.

The city was occupied by the Germans from 1939 to 1944 and utterly obliterated after the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, earning it the title of the most bombed city in the world. The Uprising Museum and numerous other memorials throughout the city recount the harrowing truths of the systematic extermination and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of people. The city was painstakingly rebuilt after the war, though when the bricks for the Old Town ran out, buildings had to be constructed with low-quality materials in the drab, uniform, industrial style of the Communist regime. But at the turn of the century when Poland joined the EU, esteemed international architects undertook massive projects to reinvent Warsaw as a contemporary city filled with color, green spaces, and skyscrapers. Sure enough, Warsaw has become an architectural potpourri of styles that unites as a stunning, modern, highly livable city.

It may be that this constant transformation of Warsaw has brought about an adaptability in its citizens, who have recently jumpstarted their own tech and bootstrapping scene. While Warsaw’s economy has not been notorious for evolving and innovating in the past, a growing number of dedicated young entrepreneurs are optimistic about transforming their underdog city into a major startup hub. Further galvanizing the startup ecosystem, Google just launched a campus in Warsaw in November 2015, where the company is providing training, mentorship, business contacts for aspiring entrepreneurs. The campus is a part of Google’s continuing investment in Poland, which includes a similar program in Krakow and coordination with Warsaw University’s Digital Economy Lab. With the unique opportunity to create its own startup market, Warsaw is definitely an exciting place to be as an entrepreneur today.

In this small-feel big city, you can find plenty of Western amenities, cheap food, fast wifi, and a shared flat in the hipster Praga district all for $1000/month (or less for a $300 room elsewhere). 24-hour restaurants, organic shops and markets, marvelously rustic bars and cafes, and sincerely welcoming Varsovian people –most with excellent English skills – all make for a chilled-out yet vibrant atmosphere. Maybe it’s the buzz of fresh creative spirit that is helping this city leave its heavy baggage behind, but it certainly feels like Warsaw is emerging into modernity with optimism, vitality, and promise.

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Coworking in Warsaw About Warsaw

Warsaw Coworking Space

Coworking in Warsaw is a smart move for any company looking for a new location out of which to work. Warsaw, Poland is a bustling metropolis. It is a city that continues to evolve and grow, while also maintaining its rich cultural history, as seen by the vast array of architectural styles sprawled across this large city. Poland is located directly in the middle of Europe, making it an excellent location out of which to conduct business. Shared offices in Warsaw are becoming increasingly popular, due to the major economic and social benefits, not to mention the ease of use when booking coworking space in Warszawa through Coworker.

Shared Offices in Warsaw

Coworking in a Warsaw shared office space is an option that many large and small businesses alike have taken advantage of. Apart from being a highly livable city that is incredibly affordable, shared office space in Warsaw will allow you to focus on your business, while Coworker takes care of the office details. To cowork in Warsaw means to share an office with like-minded people in a setting that provides all companies what they need, without the burden of having to supply all office elements such as reception, mail delivery services, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and more.

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Serving over 170 countries and 6 million+ users, Coworker is your best choice for booking Warsaw coworking space. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, or a small start-up team of 3, we can find your business ideal shared office space in Warsaw. Each and every one of our spaces is vetted and validated by a trusted team member. Come and discover what this diverse, modern and ancient city can offer you and your company, and check out our complete listings for Warsaw coworking space today.

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