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Lots of places to work, great events and some of the nicest coworkers you could ask for. Honestly, this i... Show More
Rob Wick
Its in the centre of town, close to everything you need and the people that work there are super friendly... Show More
Rob Wick

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside… or families do, at least, according to a recent report. Family Investments, a finance specialist, discovered that Plymouth is the best city for families to live in, thanks to the fact that crime levels are low here and the schools tend to get good results. If you have a young family as well as a coworking space to think about, this could be the perfect option. You can make sure that your children get a good education at the same time as working hard! The survey also took into considerations factors like childcare costs, so you could save a bit of money by working here.

If you don’t have a family, consider the fact that lower crime rates make this a great city to live in – and the fact that you are right by the seaside doesn’t hurt either. A breath of sea air can be really invigorating, helping you to power through the work day and feel as though you can achieve those dreams of yours sooner than you thought. There’s nothing like a bit of inspiration to work wonders on your goals!There are a couple of great universities in the city too, which means that young and bright new thinkers are flocking here year after year. That leaves you with plenty of people to choose from if you are looking to take on a graduate or a work placement student, as well as meaning that there are going to be plenty of startups here offering you a place to share.

You will find a quieter way of life here than in bigger cities like London, but for many this can be a welcome change. The pace slowing down means that you can focus more on really getting things done, rather than worrying about the rat race. What is more, this place is ripe for development. A young and hungry business or sole enterprise here can really make waves – which is possibly more than can be said in other parts of the country. This could be a case of location, location, location: find the best place for your work to thrive so that you can see the best possible results. When it comes to making yourself into a success, this is one of the big things that you really have to think about – and early in the game, too, if possible.

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