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15 EUR /d
IDEIA Parque das Nações, Lisbon

IDEIA Parque das Nações


Only a few minutes away from the Lisbon airport, IDEIA is the perfect space for entrepreneurial jet setters or just about... More

12 EUR /d
unOffice PDL Business and Cowork Center, Sao Miguel

unOffice PDL Business and Cowork Center


We are a professional, fun coworking space in the Azores! This is a coworking space in Ponta Delgada, on São Miguel isla... More

40 EUR /d
Avila Coworking, Lisbon

Avila Coworking


Located at Av. da República, close to Saldanha, it is a wide and quiet space, where several companies and professionals ... More

12 EUR /d
Coworklisboa, Lisbon



A shared workspace with an eclectic mix of independent professionals sounds like an intriguing venture to get into doesn... More

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Many elements made the atmosphere at Novovento very inspiring to me: - the view over the ocean from the ... Show More
Rémy Lasset
Many elements made the atmosphere at Novovento very inspiring to me: - the view over the ocean from the ... Show More
Mystery Coworker
The coworking space is wonderful and the people even better! It has all the amenities that one needs, gre... Show More
Nici Meyer
Ample space with good environment and working conditions. Very friendly and helpful people. Quite nice le... Show More
Antónia Soares

Think of grilled sardines and salted cod, a beach culture and one of the world's biggest tourist destinations and you have Portugal the land that flows into the Atlantic Ocean perched on the Iberian Peninsula bordering Spain. The border of Spain and Portugal is considered to be the longest uninterrupted border in the European Union. The country includes the Atlantic archipelagos of the Madeira and Azores. The warm client, wonderful food, world class wine, and creative spirit lends well to the coworking scene with spaces dotted across the entire country.

Historically rich (dating back to pre-historic times) with a maritime empire that was invaded and fought over, much of its architecture dates back to the 1500s. Once a global empire and the first empire in the world, the country monopolized the spice trade, it was left crippled from war and lost its world dominance. A developed country with a high-income economy and a high standard of living, Portugal is the 5th most peaceful country in the world. Despite being the first country to decriminalize the use of common drugs in 2001, the sale and distribution is still illegal, but you can buy the ingredients to grow them at home from many quirky shops dotted around towns.

With a population of 10,374,822, 67.6% are connected to the Internet with 54% of them playing on Facebook. Portugal may not be racing ahead in the technical stakes of digital startups, but it is happening. The country is touted as being the perfect place for digital professionals to hang out, where it is easy to connect with likeminded souls at networking venues and coworking spaces. With its plethora of beaches to either devote some sun worshipping time on, or to grace some of the biggest waves in the world at Nazare on your surfboard, Portugal is a playground. You can go diving or snorkeling and for the adventurous soul cliff diving may appeal. It is easy to pig out at one of the food festivals held annually or just meander around stuffing custard tarts in your mouth in between tapping on your laptop, any time of the year.

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