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About Eskisehir

Sitting in a country where the first startups were focused on e-commerce, Turkey has broadened its horizons into technology, fintech and SaaS, as well as hardware. Over the last years Turkey has had a wealth of startups that have posed more competition for the limited funding available. Eskisehir is no different to the overall scene of industriousness and inventive goings on and with this in mind, coworking spaces have been making an impact as somewhere for the innovative souls to hang out and get their work done.

Sitting in the northwest of Turkey, Eskisehir is the capital of the Eskisehir Province. With a population of around the 717,000 mark there is no shortage of brainpower to keep its tech momentum going. Coworking is one more avenue where the locals whether they are freelancers, remote workers, startups or whatever, can mingle in collaborative huddles and get creative.

The city overlooks the fertile Phrygian Valley and sits on the banks of the Porsuk River. It is located 233 km from Ankara and 330 km from Istanbul. Often referred to as a "university town", it is home to the Anadolu University, which has one of the largest student enrolments in the world. From these ancient streets (estimated to be over 4,000 years old) in which now sit funky coworking venues, Eskisehir will give you an insight into the country's historic past.

Described as one of the most beautiful cities in Anatolia and with Startup Turkey now in its 8th year, coworking in the city gives you the best excuse to run out the door occasionally to gorge on meatballs and baklava.