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A city on the southwest edge of the Veluwe region of the Netherlands, Ede is aproned with meadows, forests and farmland. With a population of only around the 100,000 mark, this is no big city to hustle around. Sitting on the major train line between Arnhem and Amsterdam, you can reach Ede in an hour from Amsterdam.

The minute you jump off the train you will be in the middle of the city and within easy walking distance of the shopping streets where there are plenty of bars and cafes to indulge any thirst or hunger pangs you may have. This is a town to get around by bicycle if walking is not your thing, as the urban scape is predominantly flat, so you won't have to exhaust yourself pedaling a bike or trudging miles up hills.

The main attraction of Ede for tourists are the forests and the heathlands of the Veluwe - only 10 minutes stroll out of town. The small city of Wageningen, 6km south of Ede is where the 1945 official surrender of Germany was signed that ended World War II. Apart from strutting through the flowers you could visit the Historical Museum Ede or the Verbindingsdienst Museum, to get the grey brain matter focusing.
There isn't much to keep you in Ede unless you want a bit of time out to concentrate, but you will get to indulge in some of the best coffee as after the Scandinavians, the Dutch are the world's biggest coffee drinkers.

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