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A German city in the Moselle wine region, Trier sits near the Luxembourg border on the banks of the Moselle River. Perched in a stunning valley snuggled between vine-covered hills, this was where Karl Marx (one of the founders of Marxism) was born in 1818. Trier was founded by the Celts in the late 4th Century BC and it's believed to be the oldest city in Germany with the oldest seat of a bishop north of the Alps. It's known for its preserved Roman and medieval buildings with the best preserved city gate "Porta Nigra" and 2nd Century AD Roman bridge crossing the Moselle that is the oldest bridge north of the Alps. There are plenty of ruins of Roman baths to explore and the Roman Trier Amphitheater to meander around. Old churches litter the streets, so you won't have any problems finding somewhere to say a little prayer for the success of your startup before heading to your coworking venue.

Museum buffs will be smiling, as there are too many museums to mention and the city has numerous education institutions spewing out tech savvy youth, such as the University of Trier and the Trier University of Applied Sciences to name a couple.
Germany's startup scene is thriving with opportunities given to creative souls to pitch their ventures to investors at "Startup Germany" that went on tour at the instigation of the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad. The startup scene is a bit of a mixed bag with almost 30% of startup staff not being German. There are a few hurdles to overcome such as red tape hassles, language barriers and the fact that most founders wish to hire skilled foreign workers. Eight out of ten German startups wish to go international, but legal systems and regulations may be inhibitors in this regard.

Despite these niggles, coworking spaces are overflowing with creatives in collaborative mode whether it be tourists on the hop needing to get some work done or its intrepid locals wishing to dominate the world.

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