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Located in Northeastern Brazil, Fortaleza is an important commercial center. Despite its isolation, Fortaleza is a surprisingly large and spread out city. Fortunately, the city’s coworking scene is much tighter. Staying near Centro will give you multiple options for coworking spaces to work from. Being one of Brazil’s most desirable cities to live in, you’ll have no difficulty networking and hiring local talent.

Beyond the professionals you’ll be working alongside, the coworking spaces themselves offer excellent facilities and amenities as well. Think flexible monthly memberships, 24/7 access, meeting rooms, printing/photocopying services, and regular community events. Whether you’re a freelancer, independent professional, or working on a small team, Fortaleza should prove to be an excellent spot to operate your business from.

Brazilians in this part of the country are eager to work with foreign companies. Moreover, you’ll have plenty of options to recharge after a long week of grinding. Many locals enjoy walking through town to appreciate the recently restored colonial architecture. Others enjoy lounging around the beach. If you’d prefer something more active, the football culture is alive and thriving in Fortaleza. In fact, being one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, football is thriving more than ever before.

Though crime has risen in recent years, the problems are mostly concentrated in parts of town you’d have no interest in visiting. Wander around the more desirable parts of town and you’ll feel as safe as anywhere else in the world. While Fortaleza doesn’t have a tech scene that rivals San Francisco or even Singapore, it’s certainly on the rise. With an energetic local community and a high quality of life, there’s lots of upsides to coworking in Fortaleza.