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Fredrikstad, 33 Nygaardsgata

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A city that was founded in 1567 by King Frederick II with a name that literally means "Fredrik's Town", Fredrikstad includes the rural municipalities of Borge, Onsøy,
Kråkerøy and Rolvsøy. It straddles the Glomma River and is the 5th largest city in Norway with a population of 80,977 souls meandering its city streets and imbibing in pickled, smoked, dried, grilled or fried fish. You will find its old fortified town on the eastern bank of the river, whilst its city heart is on the west bank. Home to the Østfold University College offering master's and bachelor's studies, there are several other higher educational institutions pushing out tech savvy youth that are invading coworking venues, which have opened up in the city. Said to be the most attractive city in Norway, it offers a free ferry service for those who may not have the cash in their pockets and is a city of sustainable development.

Norway has one of the fastest growing tech scenes amongst the Nordic countries due to its startup ecosystem that is accelerating the pace. Once lagging behind its neighbors, now there are strong indications that the country is setting new benchmarks in terms of number of investments. The government is supporting the tech scene with programs to facilitate entrepreneurship such as "Innovation Norway" and the country is gaining a reputation for being a great place to launch a startup. It has dynamic community being led by passionate entrepreneurs with many startups focused on solving real-world problems. Norway has transparent laws and regulations and is centrally located between North America and Asia making it the perfect place for startups that wish to take on the global market.

Norway has a rich tradition of global trading and its effective trade agreements have led it to become one of the world's wealthiest countries. Entrepreneurs are being drawn to its shores for its unique standard of living and solid macro-economic conditions. Said to be one of the happiest places on the planet, it's little wonder that coworking venues are being swamped with innovative minds.