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About Monfero

Sitting in the province of Corunna, the most northwestern Atlantic facing province of Spain, it is a part of the 4 provinces of Galicia. With a population of 2,178 souls, the area is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the north, with Pontevedra Province to the South and Lugo Province to the East. The industry of this town from the Middle Ages is based on farming, agriculture and timber production.

The grazing enclave of "Galician Blond cows" and the "Galician horse" that is native to the region, the surrounding area is dressed in woodlands and mountains where hares, wild boars, roe deer and rabbits hide from hunters. Nicknamed the "land of one million cows" the Galician Blond cows are friendly with the Holstein cattle, playing together in the meadows of farms everywhere.

The town is known for the Monastery of Santa Maria de Monfero, an historical castle and a plethora of other ruins from its historical past. A treasure trove of the Galician rural Baroque style, the mediaeval monastery was renovated between the 16th and 18th Centuries. It was one of the most prosperous monasteries in the whole of the Galicia and where you can now gawk at its coffered vault and cupola supported on 8 pilasters. The chapel's interior is decorated and there are several 15th Century tombs to feast your eyes on.

There isn't much to keep you in the town, but the surrounding area is a unique ecosystem of biodiversity draped in one of the most beautiful Galician landscapes you will find.

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