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Bravely sitting at the foot of Mt Etna (a still active volcano) on the island of Sicily, Catania is one of the 10 biggest cities in Italy. It has been devastated by earthquakes and several volcano eruptions and is known for its history, culture, architecture and brilliant gastronomy. In the old town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is one of the biggest examples of baroque architecture in the whole of Italy. Catania has been home or a squatting spot for some of Italy's most famous writers and artists, such as Giovanni Verga and Frederico De Roberto to name a few. Founded in the 8th Century BC, its first university was built in 1434. Today this astounding ancient port city is experiencing the surge of coworking venues for its local innovative souls and business brains plus the wandering gypsies with laptops in tow that require to get some work done.

Working and living in Catania is a mix of whimsical statues, meandering the weekday fish market with its cacophony of fish vendors yelling out, a plethora of seafood restaurants to gorge yourself silly at and now coworking spaces for those who have decided to work differently. It is becoming one of the world's truly smart cities in that it keeps its streets clean by alerting the sanitation department when public garbage bins are full, you can unlock and turn the lights on in your home before you get to the door and where you can learn about a medieval building's rich history just by pointing your phone at it.

Similar to the streets of Barcelona with sensors set up everywhere, Catania is on a mission to think up new ways to make you and the world around you a whole lot smarter and on a shoestring budget. This "SmartMe" technology is starting fresh when installing sensors, internet-connectors and other tech, as it does not have a history of being a tech hub at all. So with the advent of all of these amazing tech aspirations, coworking venues have become the go to place for many innovative minds where they can connect and collaborate.