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-Sitting in the North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville - from one local's perspective - is the land of no jobs and swamped with hippies of the dread lock variety wearing homemade tie-dye style wafting around the streets in a miasma of patchouli. From this description it stands to reason that the town is a vibrant arts scene with art galleries and studios dotted around its streets. It does however have some historic architecture, such as the dome-topped Basilica of Saint Lawrence, a huge 19th Century estate showing off artworks by the likes of Renoir. It is also home to the world's largest active archive of weather data at the United States National Climatic Data Center.

With a population of 83,393, the city is perceived to be that of a chill-out wonderland where hiking, floating down the river, indulging in weird hobbies, contorting the body in yoga poses and watching live music take precedence over working, apart from the mandatory hours imposed - meaning 9 to 5. Quite often on the streets you will see the real country folk of "right wing" Ashevillians - those that shoot deer and wave rebel flags. As the town is in the Bible Belt, you may come across street preachers waving megaphones due to the fact that Asheville was once referred to as a "cesspool of sin". It is said that everyone drinks beer and with 11 craft breweries in the vicinity, it is no wonder. A town for vegans, vegetarians and any other food disciplined soul, you will be told what chook laid your eggs and where the paddock is that the wheat was grown in when you munch into a piece of bread.

Overflowing with spiritual people, the locals are ready to share where to go for the best masseuse, how to make homemade "kombucha" (fermented sugary tea) and what the stars (the ones that come out at night in the sky) are up to.

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