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Coworking spaces are popping up everywhere in Helsinki, the capital of Finland with a harborside panorama of the Baltic's bays, inlets and islands. The area of Helsinki is 2/3rds Baltic Sea dotted with 315 islands and 1/3rd land.

The city has embraced the coworking ethic from its professional locals looking for permanent spaces to freelancing remote workers wanting sporadic enclaves to set up shop in. A whole new community of innovators and startups is gathering in the city where cafes and libraries are no longer the only option for solo workers or small companies.

Perched on a peninsula in the Gulf of Finland, its original name was "Helsfingfors" and its official language is Swedish. One of the coldest cities in the world, it has an average of 101 days of snow and an amazing 169 days of below 0 Celsius. Getting around the town is easy via trams and subway trains and museum buffs love the town for its National Museum tracing Finnish history from the Stone Age to the present, as well as its contemporary art museum.

With an electrifying design scene and cutting edge approach, it is no wonder that Helsinki has a thriving startup community gathering at the various coworking enclaves dotted around the town. When you need to take a break from tapping on your laptop or brainstorming with cohorts, there are plenty of craft-beer bars, cool cafes and restaurants dishing up contemporary cuisine. The streets are awash with galleries, workshops and boutiques to explore in the Design District that throbs with excitement and youthful enthusiasm. The city's quirky and somewhat eclectic charm can still be found in its older icons of glorious art-nouveau buildings.

Coworking in Helsinki is bringing about a change to the way the locals work, connect and collaborate that can only reinforce its strong sense of community excitement.

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Coworking in Helsinki About Helsinki

Coworking in Helsinki

The capital and most populous city in Finland, Helsinki is a city that has something for everyone. Culturally rich and diverse, the city offers numerous museums, art galleries, theaters, a thriving music scene, and an active sports population. As such, coworking in Helsinki has become increasingly popular. Positioned on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki is a major European port of call, and subsequently has a dynamic tourism sector, and incredibly transit city-wide. If you are considering a Helsinki coworking space, peruse our selection and imagine living and working in this incredible city.

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