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Perched on the Black Sea, Odessa has a bohemian vibe with a contrasting culture where French and Italian boulevards sit beside Greek, Jewish and Albanian streets.  Dating back to the 13th Century, modern Odessa was founded in 1794 at the behest of Catherine the Great of Russia.  A confusing mix of leafy streets and sunny beaches, with the world's largest catacombs beneath it, Odessa is blessed with a Mediterranean climate and locals that are at once cultured, savvy and stylish. 

You can tread the token tourist route of the waterfront's Vorontsov Lighthouse, run the gauntlet of the Primorsky Boulevard choked with mansions and monuments, or head to the Potemkin Stairs.  Do check out the "Mother-In-Law" bridge that leads to nowhere and jump up and down to make it shake. Take in the beautiful Odessa Opera Theater and marvel at the acoustics where the quietest whisper on stage can be heard anywhere in the hall. Meander around the famous Privoz Markets where you will find everything up for sale, from fresh produce to fridges to animals.  It is an astounding 7 km long and the largest outdoor market in Europe. Have a chuckle at the "orange" monument denoting a monumental historical bribe of 4,000 oranges.
Make sure you explore the neighborhood of Odessa and get that awesome shot of the house with one wall.

If you happen to be in Odessa on April Fool's Day then check out the statue of Duke de Richelieu and his hat for the day, a cute sailor's cap and you can make a wish by touching his bag of money. 

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