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About Wexford

A town sitting in the southeast of the "Emerald Isle" (aka Ireland) where the Guinness flows and little green men with beards wearing funny hats get up to mischief, Wexford is located at the mouth of the Slaney River. The town is known for its medieval lanes, its brilliant opera festivals and the fact that it will give history buffs many wet pant moments when gawking at its historical buildings. Wexford is linked to Dublin by road and rail, so you can escape when you want to. With a population of around the 20,188 mark, Wexford is where you won't get lost on your way to your coworking venue, unless you want to. Founded by the Vikings in 800AD, it has had kings, knights and crusaders meandering its alleys. Its deep-water harbor that is unaffected by currents and tides "Rosslare Europort" sits about 20km from its historical port, which is now the domain of leisure vessels and fishing boats.

Wexford itself may not be a tech hub, but Ireland is the world's largest exporter of software with numerous American high-tech companies investing massively into the country. It's home to the European (or regional) headquarters of companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM and the list goes on. Numerous tech startups are making the global market sit up and take notice of the Emerald Isle, such as LogoGrab (image recognition technology), Soapbox Labs (voice recognition tech) and Popertee (connecting brands with vacant spaces for short-term retail) to name a few.

Wexford is where you may run into some long lost family member, as its estimated that over 80 million people of Irish descent live outside of Ireland, think about 34 million Americans and about half the population of Australia, plus numerous other countries. A coworking venue may just be the place to look up your leprechaun roots, if you don't have more pressing work to do.