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Once a flourishing Phoenician city, the port town of Sidon (also called Saida) is the 3rd largest city in Lebanon. Sitting on the Mediterranean coast roughly 40km north of Tyre and 40km south of the capital of Beirut, Sidon has had people wandering around it since early pre-history times. One of the most important and believed to be the oldest Phoenician city, it was from here and other ports that the great Mediterranean commercial empire was founded. Glass manufacturing was its most important historical enterprise, plus the creation of purple dye from the sea snail mollusk "murex trunculus", which was so valuable it became the mark of royalty, as well as the local women's art of embroidery. Coworking has come to this city now known for its fresh fruit and local specialty sweet, a crumbly cookie named "senioura".

Despite the fact that Lebanon is often in the news for its political instability, it is actually a tech-savvy hub for entrepreneurial startups created by its optimistic citizens. Innovation is becoming a significant feature of Lebanese culture with plenty of workshops, talks and competitions taking place on a regular basis such as the conference event, Arabnet designed to foster and support the growing ecosystem. Lebanon is home to some of the best universities in the Arab world and the American University of Beirut has a research centre dedicated to the study of entrepreneurship and innovation.

It is little wonder that Sidon, a town awash in its rich history with remnants that can be found dotted throughout its streets is welcoming coworking venues with open arms to further support its tech hungry youth who are set to create a better future.