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The town where the Imperial Japanese army landed when they invaded Thailand in 1941 only hours before the Pearl Harbor attack, the invasion of Songkhla led to the capture of Singapore. A small city in the south of Thailand and neighboring the town of Hat Yai, it sits right near the border of Malaysia, about 968km from Bangkok. Perched on the opening of Songkhla Lake to the Gulf of Thailand, it is a fishing town and an important harbor being the major seaport on the east side of the Isthmus of Kra. Coworking venues have opened up in Songkhla as a meeting point and collaborative space for its tech loving locals or those that are mooching through the town.

Thailand overflows with wandering nomads with laptops on their backs due to the tropical climate and low-cost of living. Its main hub for aspiring startups is Chiang Mai, but other towns such as Songkhla are now catering to those who rely on being able to get some work done without having to haunt cafes ordering coffee ad nauseam. This town is not exactly hot on the tourist radar, so you won't be swamped with tourist hordes. Originally a part of the Malay Kingdom and a medieval pirate stronghold, it was an important trading port for Arabian, Persian and Indian merchants. You can natter to some monkeys that play around Buddha relics on the top of the hill, Khao Tang Kuan or just take an indulgent selfie to make your friends go green with envy. There is a 3km long giant serpent nag to gawk at and the stunning sun drenched shores of Hat Sai Kaeo to walk along or to splash your toes in the water. The intriguing old Chinese quarter begs to be explored and the Songkhla night market is the best place to grab a feed at the weekends.

Coworking in Songkhla will give you the opportunity to mingle with its tech savvy locals in collaborative bliss, whether there is a language barrier or not - plus you can indulge your whim for a plate of pad thai noodles whenever you wish.