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About Linkoping

The 7th largest city in Sweden and one of the oldest cities with a population of 153,000 inhabitants, Linkoping sits in the south of the country. This is a city dominated by its university and its' high-technology and software industry, so it is little wonder that coworking spaces have begun to appear in its' streets. Closely linked to Norrkoping that is about 40km to the east near the sea, Linkoping is endeavoring to create a sustainable city with plans to become a carbon neutral community by 2025.

The centre of an old cultural region (think 700 years), today it is a modern industrial city. Its' main employer in the town is Saab (aerospace and defence manufacturing) and the local Linkoping University has its roots going back to 1969. This is home to the hi-tech industry and was where the students developed Sweden's first website in 1993. Religious centres become educational centres and Linkoping is no exception to this. Its' cathedral school can be traced back to 1266 and the current Linkoping cathedral school was established in 1627, which makes it the 3rd oldest school in Sweden. You won't find any tall buildings in the town due to the fact that there is a military airfield on the outskirts. Because of this fact, the dominating feature of the town that can be seen for miles around is the Domkyrka Cathedral's steeple from the Middle Ages. There are plenty of old buildings to meander around and a wide shopping hub sits in the city's north.

Coworking in Linkoping solves many dramas for its intrepid tech whisperers who no longer need to hang out in stuffy cafes or work from home in isolation. Now these creative folk can network, collaborate and get their stuff done amongst their peers and enjoy a laugh along the way.