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About Wamego

A city in Pottawatomie County of Kansas, Wamego is only small and has a population of around 4,372, so you will definitely get to know the locals and not get lost when making your way in the mornings to your coworking space. Sitting at the intersection of U.S. Route 24 and K-99, it is about 23km east of Manhattan, giving you an easy escape from the small town confines. Coworking venues have arrived in Wamego, the town that was the setting in the independent crime drama, "Firecracker" based on actual events that happened in Wamego.

Primarily a farming enclave, think along the lines of maize, wheat, sweet corn and alfalfa, Wamego is surrounded by hills and dotted with herds of cattle. It is also a pseudo bedroom community of Manhattan and Topeka, as many of its residents commute for work. Wamego is no tech hub as you can imagine, but it is sitting in the county of Kansas putting it firmly in the basket with one of the top tech cities in the nation. Kansas City is in the top rankings of the US for technology and entrepreneurship.

Not everyone in the town wants to flee the wheat fields, so it makes sense that coworking venues are offering these locals an alternative working space to heading to the big smoke where they can see their inventive dreams become a reality.