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About Santa Cruz do Sul

With a healthy population of about 126,775 inhabitants roaming its streets, Santa Cruz do Sul is a city in central Rio Grande do Sul, sitting about 150km from the capital city of Porto Alegre. The town is known for its high standard of living and the fact that its gross income per capita is 2.5 times greater than that of the state of Rio Grande do Sul as a whole. Due to its large community of German-Brazilians, this is definitely the town to be in during "Oktoberfest" with the 3rd largest celebrations in the world happening and thousands of people running amok in its streets. The town is quite pretty with its Cathedral of Sao Batista (one of the largest cathedrals in Brazil) the main tourist magnet and its Getulio Vargas Square the place to linger over espresso and people watch. Founded by German immigrants in 1877, today the town is where you will find tech savvy locals lingering in coworking venues in collaborative mode.

Brazil is Latin America's largest entrepreneurial ecosystem with startups focusing on new frontiers, other than their own home ground. The creative locals are competing on a global scale and expanding their companies quickly by exporting their business models to other regional markets around the world, despite their own home country having a growing middle class with a healthy appetite for social and media consumption.

Brazilians are becoming known for bootstrapping early-stage companies, hence the need for more and more coworking spaces to dot city streets. Santa Cruz do Sul is now a city for tech hustlers and whisperers who have a free entrepreneurial spirit and a love of Oktoberfest.