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About Pingtung city

Pingtung is a city and the county seat of the region that goes by the same name squatting in the tropics making it the hottest county of Taiwan; so expect to sweat a bit. Originally a village of the Taiwanese Plains Aborigines named "Alau", it grew into a Chinese market town after the Dutch were expelled. Located between the west coast and the east mountain range, it's a commuter city with many of its residents working in Kaohsiung. With a large population of 203,866, the city has quite a few educational institutions plus it's home to the National Pingtung University spawning tech savvy youth that have a penchant for hanging out in coworking venues in creative mode.

Taiwan is becoming the destination for artificial intelligence in Asia, with it being touted that artificial brains threaten to outnumber the real ones. It's being thrown around that the big boys such as IBM, Google and Microsoft will develop Artificial Intelligence centers in the country where they can hire top-quality engineering talent that is loyal, compared to other places such as China. Taiwan is also known for its tech ecosystem that has been built over decades with support from universities and a tech-centered culture. Its universities see 10,000 computer scientists and information systems management graduates per year. Labor is relatively inexpensive, many speak Chinese which will help break into the China market and its Internet bandwidth ranks among the top 5 in the region. The fact that you can fly to anywhere in East Asia within 4 hours from Taiwan is a perk for multinational investors that can't be ignored.

Pingtung City's coworking venues are giving its intrepid and out-of-the-box thinkers the space to mingle with likeminded people, to share ideas and to have support when needed.