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About Owerri

The capital of Imo State in Nigeria, Owerri is the largest city in the state and bordered by the Otamiri River to the east and in the south you will find the Nworie River. Due to its location, Owerri is known as the "Heartland". It's the entertainment hub awash in a number of luxury hotels, high-end casinos and all of the other hoopla one would expect to find in a luxury tourist destination. Owerri is snuggled into a rainforest with an economy predominantly based in agricultural products such as taro, corn, yams and cassava. It also sits on huge crude oil and natural gas reserves. A vibrant city located only 23km to the Imo Airport and within close proximity to the Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport, Owerri is swamped in educational institutions spawning tech savvy youth that have a habit of hanging out en masse in coworking venues. With an estimated population of around the 1,401,873 mark, you will definitely be one face in a big crowd.

Nigerian people are predominantly English speaking and the country is becoming a hub for social businesses with some startups solving local issues whilst making money, such as "Wecyclers". Nigeria has a huge market that is getting bigger every year and it's the cultural epicentre for African youth through movies and online publications. Both Google and Facebook have opened up their own hubs and launched accelerator programs and the country is on track to draw more venture capital than its South African and East African counterparts.

Nigeria is dubbed “Africa’s India” for its demographic stats. If today the population is “only” 173 million, making it the largest country in Africa, tomorrow, it should reach half a billion (2050) and likely a billion by the turn of next century. With so much buzz happening in Nigeria it's little wonder that cities such as Owerri are seeing coworking spaces opening in their streets.