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About Aliso Viejo

Sitting in the southern Orange County of California, Aliso Viejo is perched in the San Joaquin Hills bordered by the cities of Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel and Laguna Woods. The first planned community in California to take into account the projected resident workforce with the number of projected jobs within its borders, every home in the city was located about 1.5 miles from its central hub to encourage the perfect living and working lifestyle. Think a movie theater, casual restaurants, a park for community concerts and events, a library and of course a golf course to satisfy those who like to chase little white balls around green grass. It's home to the Soka University of America spawning a host of tech savvy youth who have a tendency to hang out in collaborative bliss in coworking venues.

There are a lot of brains walking around the streets of California as the California Institute of Technology generates more patents than any other university in the United States and the University of California in Los Angeles, more startups. In fact the area has a startup density on a par with many Silicon Valley cities. California is said to offer to the next generation of tech innovators the perfect base to launch startups with its strong university system, access to funding, brainpower and talent, a strong ecosystem and a great lifestyle where the weather is warm.

California's integrated community of universities with the startup ecosystem is producing innovative and creative entrepreneurs with many graduates wanting to stay on their own home-turf. Coworking venues have become the playground and the hangout for these out-of-the-box thinkers where they can get support, mingle with a likeminded community and get their stuff done.