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Agadir, Cité Dakhla

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Agadir is in Morocco but is anything but Moroccan, apart from the locals.  It is more a resort town overflowing with Europeans, who see it as a cheap quick escape from wherever they come from.  The town exists purely because of its wide expanse of beach that is smothered in sun worshippers, some under umbrellas lounging on sun beds with the others strutting their stuff along the promenade, looking for that next shisha pipe to suck on. 

When you are sick of putting your fingers into Tajines (aka Bedouin stew created by the nomads) this is the town to head to for a stomach respite from spices and dirty fingers.  There are plenty of cafes and restaurants catering to a European palate and nightclubs galore, where you can drink to your heart's content.  You can take a walk around the bustling colorful port in the northern end of town where the fishing folk hang out as well as huge birds obviously overfed on fish guts, or strut around the posh marina going a shade of green at the gorgeous white boats moored there.  There are no prices on any items in the shops and bargaining will become second nature to you. Taxis around town are cheap and there are masses of them, but most of the accommodation is along the beachfront, so there is little need unless you wish to go to the only sight worth looking at that is the Kasbah on the hill with stunning views.  The beachfront promenade is the buzzing heart of the city where you will be hassled by locals wanting you to buy whatever they are selling and there are so many restaurants that you will have no idea which one to go into.

The must do is to sit and while away some hours sipping Berber tea (mint tea that has to be poured the correct way) whilst people watching.

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