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For someone like me who starts in a totally new place, work and country... Arroelo is not just a place to... Show More
Melissa Durand
For someone like me who starts in a totally new place, work and country... Arroelo is not just a place to... Show More
Mystery Coworker
Pues así es, cada día cuando entro por la puerta del coworking tengo la misma sensación, como la de se... Show More
Monse Iglesias
Arroelo es un sitio único que enamora desde el primer momento en el que se llega a él: sus preciosos es... Show More
Noela Quintana

The definitive old Galician town, Pontevedra sits on the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. It is the capital of the County of Comarca and the Province of Pontevedra and the provincial district court seat. An historical town and ancient medieval port city, it is a slice of heaven with stunning beaches to swan around and breath taking views to gawk at. It has been applauded as one of the most accessible and livable cities for its urban qualities by numerous European bodies of city design. Nature lovers want to frolic in its green lush hills and its rich history and culture make it a tourist hot spot.

Strolling around the city you will have eye candy of the historical type wherever you gaze from ancient Roman walls to old buildings and squares lined with bars and restaurants. It is a town to get lost in, without a guidebook, especially along the riverfront of the Camino River with its plethora of cafes to sip espresso at and funky restaurants specializing in the local cuisine. The sacred religious site of the Iglesia de la Virgen Peregrina in the Praza de Peregrina is where you can have a pious moment or two depending on your needs. The floor plan is like a scallop and the church is the symbol of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela and an icon for female pilgrims.

The Plaza de la Lena overflows with venues to eat and drink at and the enclave where you will find museums or art galleries. Stonemasons apron the square with shop fronts from the 16th Century. The sacred Basilica of Santa Maria with more than 30 carved figures sculptured by 2 major artists, Joao Nobre from Portugal and Cornelius from the Netherlands is where you will be offered Albarino wine and be able to put your rear end on a seat warmer in the church whilst you gaze at the amazing architecture. History and art lovers can swoon when meandering around the Museo de Pontevedra with its antique gold jewelry collections and exhibitions of art.

When you have had your fill of culture and history head to the Area Cova Beach and plant your feet in the sand so you can contemplate your toes or that elusive unicorn startup in your mind.

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