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About Minato

When its time to chow down on some noodles or to take a cruise on either Tokyo Bay or the Sumida River, head to Minato, where Pokemon heaven will be found. Minato is no city; it is a special ward in Tokyo with a total area of 20.37 square kilometers and home to numerous embassies. The name when translated means "port", due to its original location on the seaside - but now land reclamation has put the city quite a distance away from the lapping shores. It is home to Honda, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Sony, NEC, Toshiba and headquarters to multi-national firms such as Apple, Google and Goldman Sachs.

The sprawling area of Minato consists of: Akasaka (business district and nightlife area), Odaiba (reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay), Roppongi (where the foreigners party at night), Shiodome (skyscraper domain) and Shinbashi (the older commercial district).
The must do is to visit the National Art Center, Kokuritsu Shin-Bijutsukan, and take the time to admire the building's curbed glass exterior. The art lover will wet their pants at the prospect of seeing over 600 masterful paintings predominantly from the 20th Century and whatever visiting exhibition may be happening at the time. Check out Tokyo's answer to the Eiffel Tower of Paris, in the form of the Tokyo Tower. If you like quirky then head to the Wax Museum, the Mysterious Walking Zone or the Trick Art Gallery for a giggle. For the blood-thirsty souls there is the Sengaku-ji Temple and if you are into shoguns, make sure you venture to the Zojo-ji Temple that is headquarters of the Jodo Shinshu sect.

If the cherry blossoms aren't sprouting, then wrap your taste buds around some "ramen" (egg noodles in a salty broth) or try "unagi" (grilled river eel smothered in sweet barbecue sauce) and let your stomach have its own exploratory party.

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