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About Pazardzhik

Perched on the banks of the Maritsa River in the south of Bulgaria, Pazardzhik was founded by the Tatars in 1485. This "small Tatar market" town thrived due to its strategic location and fertile land. It became the administrative hub for the region and remained so until the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Sadly only one of its 18 mosques has survived the ravages of time, the Kurshumlu Mosque that was built in 1667 and is the oldest mosque in the whole of Europe. Flush with historic sites and museums, Pazardzhik has a pedestrian only city heart cloaked in coffee houses with outdoor seating in stunning squares where its locals (population 71,979) spend warm afternoons after hanging out in a coworking space getting some work done.

Bulgaria has a thriving tech scene with high-end startups accounting for 25,000 jobs producing 2.4% of the country's economy. From its roots as a tech outsourcing hub in the early 2000s when it offered foreign firms cheap well-trained workers, today the left-over tech savvy souls have produced a number of home grown companies that have gone global such as Telerik and Musala Soft. Bulgaria has the 2nd highest rate in the EU of women in the tech sector and many big foreign tech companies have research and development centers in the country.

The Bulgarian tech scene is attracting top talent from abroad with many launching their own startups. Coworking venues in cities such as Pazardzhik are providing the much needed collaborative space for these intrepid souls to share and mingle with likeminded out-of-the-box thinkers.