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About Orange

One of the few cities in Australia to be snowed upon during the winter months, Orange is actually the snowiest city in Australia, so make sure you pack your thermal undies if you intend to stay awhile. Located in New South Wales in the region awash in the growing of apples and pears, it has recently become a wine producing area as well. Inland from the coastal stretch, it sits in the Central West region of New South Wales about 206km from the capital, Sydney. The birthplace of the famous Australian poet Banjo Paterson, Orange was initially settled by graziers in late 1829. Small settlements grew to larger towns and Orange became a central trading hub during the Australian gold rush. The city is cloaked in churches of various religious denominations, so you will have plenty of choices when you wish to say a prayer for the success of your startup on your way to a coworking venue.
There is a steady upward growth in startup capital across Australia, but New South Wales takes the lion share, with Victoria and Western Australia coming in behind in the money game. Sydney is where the New South Wales government wishes to create a pseudo-Silicon Valley and anticipates creating about 10,000 new jobs by 2036. The tech community has various opinions about this. Being close to universities punching out the talent is a big plus; but a downside is the expensive living costs of Sydney, especially for bootstrapping startups that will require government assistance to bridge the gap.
Orange has plenty of secondary schools and is home to the campus of the Charles Sturt University plus a large TAFE campus, so it's producing its fair share of tech-savvy souls. Coworking venues opening up in the city is creating a satellite precinct of busy minds proving that you don't have to be in the big smoke to get creative.