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About Joao Pessoa

A coastal city near the mouth of the Paraiba River sitting in the east of Brazil, Joao Pessoa is an old town known for its art nouveau and baroque architecture. The 3rd oldest city in Brazil, it claims to have more trees than any other capital city. It is becoming a bit of a holiday hot spot for Brazilian families, as it is considered to be super friendly and very safe. You won't find any high-rise and its historic center has been spruced up since it attained National Heritage site status in 2007. Known as the city where the sun rises first, it is often referred to as "the 2nd most greenest city in the world" with more than 7sq km of forested land (Paris is first). With a population around the 801,718 mark, it is little wonder that coworking venues have opened their doors to cater to its intrepid locals who don't wish to leave their super green home ground.

This is a beach lovers' dream destination as there is over 20km of beachfront to run along when the mood takes over. With a tropical monsoon climate of warm temperatures all year, Joao Pessoa is the perfect city for sitting and sipping espresso, wallowing in salty water or meandering around the city's historical treasures.

Brazil is Latin America's largest entrepreneurial ecosystem with startups focusing on new frontiers. The creative locals are competing on a global scale and expanding their companies quickly by exporting their business models to other regional markets around the world, despite their own home ground having a growing middle class with a healthy appetite for social and media consumption. Brazilians are becoming known for bootstrapping early-stage companies, hence Joao Pessoa is becoming a city for tech hustlers and whisperers who have a free entrepreneurial spirit and who want to sit on a sandy beach in the sun.